What To Pack For Your Next Holiday

The countdown has begun. You booked your tickets months ago, you’ve researched all the bars within walking distance from your hotel and you’ve learnt a few phrases to mingle with the locals. You’re ready for your summer holiday! Except the biggest task lies ahead of you – the packing.

We don’t know why, but no matter how many trips we’ve been on, how many times we’ve told ourselves we will plan ahead so we don’t pack too much, somehow, it always turns into a last minute cramming session.

However, don’t fear! We’ve come up with a practical guide on what you should bring on your hols, so you have more space to bring home all the cheesy souvenirs from your friends and family.

If you want to know exactly what to bring, read on to become a pro packer.


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A bit of an obvious one here, but be prepared by looking at the weather forecast ahead.

That way, you have a sort of understanding of the clothing you need to take.

Of course, the weather is totally unpredictable so add a couple of extra thinner and thicker layers to balance it out.

In order to minimize the luggage load, we suggest planning outfits. We even know people that will take photos of their prepared outfits so they know exactly what they were going to wear.

However, if you don’t think you’re ever going to be THAT organized, take items of clothing that compliment more than one item. That way, you have an endless options of outfit choices.


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Shoes tend to weigh quite a bit so try to take only a few pairs that you know you are going to wear. Depending on where you are going, we suggest three pairs of shoes:

  • Trainers, great for walking around in when you’re sight seeing.
  • Sliders/Sandals, great for lounging by the pool or the beach and they’re super easy to throw on.
  • A pair of going out shoes, for those nights where you make a little bit more effort and manage to drag yourself away from the sun lounger


Similar to shoes, you don’t want to be taking loads of bags for them only to not be used. Instead, take three practical bags:

  • Beach bag – self explanatory but perfect for days on the beach
  • Small cross body bag – great for sightseeing. You’re about to carry what you really need and be hands free
  • Clutch – like the pair of going out shoes, it’s great for when you have a night out


There are many things that fall under this umbrella — jewellery, hats and sunglasses just to name a few.

With jewellery, don’t take your most expensive pieces. You’ll be forever wondering if it’s safe in your hotel room or how it might fall off in the sea which would ruin your holiday.

Keep jewellery to a bare minimum. You’ll only really need it for nights out.

Safety accessories like hats and suncream are a necessity for holidays. You don’t want to get heatstroke or sun burnt on the very first day.

Sunglasses are also a must have on holiday. Not only do they look extremely cool and have the holidays feels, they will also protect your eyes from the strong sun rays while on the beach.

We recommend a pair like these from INVU. The cat eye style is bang on point this season, whilst the large frame will give you maximum protection. The fantastic price point makes it easily affordable, perfect for holiday.

If you have an upcoming wedding where you don’t know what to wear, we’ve created a guide for Weddings!

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