How Gucci Made Glasses High Fashion


Right Said Fred may have wanted us to do a little turn on the catwalk, but for some fashion folk, they seem to be making a spectacular statement of their own.

Over the past few years, glasses are considered to be one of the biggest fashion statements around. Now, you may think they don’t necessarily go arm-in-arm like Ben and Jerry’s, or Ant and Dec. But it appears things are on the up all thanks to Alessandro Michele.

The name may not sound familiar at first glance, but Gucci’s lead designer is stepping out in style. Eyewear has literally become a focal point of the many hot-to-trot supermodels as they parade in front of the camera.

Gucci Eyewear Collection

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We’re talking about a completely different lens that’s stolen the limelight for itself. That’s right my focal friends, glasses are changing the way in which we perceive fashion. In the last few years, Michele has had a penchant for sending his models turned out in all manner of specs. From the sublime to the simply eye popping, glasses have taken centre stage.

Previously, designer Demna Gvasalia from Vetements dressed several of his models in an array of retro NHS specs. This was specifically done to parade the designers outfits for leading fashion label Balenciaga.

Yet, Michele’s creative direction has seen him use his Timmy Malletesque wackiness in order to deliver several show stopping events. This has seen a recent uptake in not only Gucci clothes but glasses sales, which have shown a steady rise.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, the self proclaimed anti-perfectionist enjoys the imperfections including oversized specs.  He declares:

A woman can wear a pair of big-frame glasses with an evening dress and be sexy. Because when you wear something unexpected, you become glamorous.

At Milan Fashion Week this year, Michele went even crazier, if that were possible, on the zany scale. He featured items such as mid calf socks, Snoopy themed T-shirts and (wait for it) glasses with a certain Jarvis Cocker appeal.

Nonetheless, eyewear is not just for us “Common People”, oh no, it’s a celebration of all things bifocal varifocal and everything in between. In addition, Michele is also known for using an extensive collection of so called nerd eyewear. This is to accentuate his clothes, whilst at the same time bringing a touch of frivolity to the fashion free for all.

And that’s how it’s going down, well for the moment anyway. This melange of ostentatious eyewear is coupled with Michele’s high end, if a little eccentric, vision. But what about the rest of us? What sort of glamorous Gucci eyewear can transform you into Britain’s Next Top Model?

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