How the Movie “Joy” Brought Back Old School Glasses


With the revelation of the 2016 Golden Globe Movie Nominations, Jennifer Lawrence movie titled “Joy” has already received two nominations – Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress category and the movie for Best Comedy or Musical category.

Besides, the movie has caused quite the stir among movie critics and movie lovers alike, especially for the fans of JLaw who have been waiting for a groundbreaking performance since “American Hustle” and “The Silver Linings Playbook”.

Scheduled for a Christmas release, this movie is about a single struggling mother of three children and her journey as she tries to navigate through life, love, betrayal, rejection and loss of innocence, as she builds a business empire of her own and comes up with the Magic Mop. This is the third film, which sees Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together with director David O’ Russell. The film also stars the legendary Robert DeNiro in the role of Joy’s father.

And of course, with any film, all eyes are on the fashion quotient apart from the actors’ performances. Today, at SelectSpecs, we take a look at some of the trendiest glasses and sunglasses that have been sported by the crew and cast members both on set and off set. And of course, we predict that they are going to be the trendsetter this season. So, we decided to take it one step further and suggest some similar or inspired glasses for you to pick and choose from.

The Biker Chic Look


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If there is anyone that can carry off the “cool biker chic” look then it is definitely Jennifer Lawrence, as she has proved again and again with her bold and trendy red carpet looks. But here, the character of Joy looks ready to kick some patriarchal butt. Paired with a black leather jacket and her loose blonde curls, she looks like any woman’s inner goddess.

This set of trendy RB3136 Aviator – Caravan glasses from Ray-Ban are just the thing for this fashion season. Pair it with a sun dress and a jean jacket or some jeans and a hoodie, and we can guarantee that you will make all the heads in the room turn around with jealousy!

The Old School Glasses


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Well, this look is certainly old school and unique. While most of us would be shocked and reluctant to sport such huge and face blocking glasses, Jennifer Lawrence shows us how it is done, or rather, Joy shows us how it is done. It certainly does some fabulous things for our girl here, especially with her blonde, wavy bob cut hair and beautiful skin.

Unfortunately, we do not know anyone from the movie set’s styling department, and so we had to hunt down almost similar glasses on our own, and the closest we came, was to this Marc Jacobs MJ 494 glasses. Well, we won’t lie to you; you certainly need a lot of confidence and style to carry of something like this. But as JLaw has shown us time and again, fashion rules are made to be broken, especially when you can end up looking that gorgeous as you smash those “dos” and “don’ts” of fashion world to the ground.

The Low Key Look

Jennifer Lawrence seen wearing pajama bottoms and snow boots

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Printed beanie hat, make up free face, tones down glasses, and still she looks better than most of us do on our best days. Makes us green with envy, right?

This pair of chic round black P2383 glasses from Savannah looks good both on days when you don’t feel like getting ready, as well as on days when you decide to go full glam Hollywood red carpet.

The Classy Glasses


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The director, David O Russell, likes to keep it low key and stylish, and hence the trendy and simple glasses. Well, we have to agree that it is indeed a very clever fashion choice since it balances his bone structure and complements his round facial features.

Also, see how it manages to take a few years off of his face and make his black impeccably tailored suit all the more sexy? Very clever, indeed!

Similar to the director David O Russell’s black square glasses, this set of OX8026 CURRENCY sturdy satin black framed square G glasses from Oakley is simplistic enough to be worn out during any time of the day. Moreover, they are trendy enough to be paired with a cool black biker jacket and a beanie hat for the hipster look, as well as an especially tailored black tuxedo for a 007 look. Don’t believe it? Try it out for yourself and then see.

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