How To Be Successful At Work This Year

How to Be Successful at Work This Year
How to Be Successful at Work This Year

With it being the start of a brand new year, it is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can make 2018 your most successful year at work ever!

Start as you mean to go on and follow these simple tips and find out how you can achieve all your work-related ambitions this year!


Set Some Goals

Goal Setting

It is a really good idea to sit down now and make set some manageable goals which you want to achieve this working year.

If you set yourself some clear and achievable goals now, you will enter the new year with a clear direction and a focused mindset.

When you make your goals, remember the ‘SMART’ acronym:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Make sure your goals adhere to these five definitions and you will be well underway to make this working year a success!


Do a Good Deed Every Day

Do a good deed everyday

Why not start making an effort to do a good deed for your colleagues every day? Not only would it make you feel good and boost your mood, it will also help you network within your organisation and make some new friends along the way! After all, being successful at work relies on you being a vital part of the team you work with!

How about making a colleague a cup of coffee, or offering them a lift home or maybe just asking if they have any work you can help with?


Look The Part

Office Look
 Hallmark SD2114

Hallmark SD2114

Now looks obviously aren’t everything, but you need to make sure you are going to work dressed appropriately every day! If you go into the office looking professional, well put-together and ready for business, then your year is bound to be a roaring success!

We love the Hallmark SD2114 specs featured above! They feature an oversized retro design, simple black frames and are also very affordable! We have teamed them with a cute black pencil skirt, a pretty lace blouse and some other key accessories to help pull the look together! Check out the other three colours these glasses are available in too.

Or why not go a little bolder with the gorgeous Hallmark 6080. These pretty red specs feature a subtle cat-eye design and colourfully patterned temples which makes them super unique! Team with a black business suit and really allow them to steal the show!

 Hallmark 6080

Hallmark 6080


Alternatively, if you like a bit of glitz and glamour in your life, then look no further than the Tiffany & Co. TF2144HB. These beautiful designer specs feature black frames on the exterior and Tiffany blue on the interior, whilst jewelled embellishment on the temples add an extra touch of luxury.

Tiffany & Co. TF2144HB

Tiffany & Co. TF2144HB



Establish a Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Having a productive and effective morning routine will vastly improve the following day at work. If you get up late, forget to eat breakfast and end up missing the bus, then you’re going to arrive at the office incredibly stressed and in a foul mood!

Have a think about how your morning routine can be improved. Could you get up fifteen minutes earlier? Could you prep your breakfast in advance? Or maybe you could listen to some music on your commute to help wake you up and get you in the mood for work?


Move On From Mistakes

Move on from mistakes

If something goes wrong at work, then the best thing to do is just to accept the mistake, learn from it and move on. Although this is definitely easier said than done, being able to adopt this technique will help you to keep a positive attitude at work and keep any bad moods at bay!

Don’t just keep replaying the event or problem over and over again in your head. If you must, set aside five minutes and the end of the day to think about what went wrong and why, and then stop worrying!

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