How To Dress Your Bump For Vacation

Gearing up to go on holiday is one thing, but when you have to carry your bump along as well, it becomes a different type of wardrobe dilemma entirely.

You are already dealing with growing breasts, swollen ankles and how to stay hydrated in a humid condition.

What about staying fashionable while on holiday?

Below are some excellent suggestions to help get you off to a good start.

Scalloped Style Swimsuit

This style has all the essentials you need for a beach holiday.

You’ve got the oversized hat and aviator sunglasses to shield your eyes away from the sun.

The floral prints work so well with the salmon coloured swimsuit.

While the hat is for sun protection, it didn’t do anything negative to affect the style.

White & Beige

Another way to style your bump is to go for the dress beach over.

The distance between the pool and restaurant might be a bit of walk, so you need to protect your skin from the sun.

The lightweight of the fabric makes it ideal for when you want a little cover over your skin while still soaking up the sun.

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Multi Coloured Swimsuit

Maternity update: We're almost at the halfway mark! (20weeks on Monday). Patiently waiting for her tiny little kicks! 👣This trimester I've gotten my energy back and am taking advantage of it 💯! This includes relaxing travels, date nights with the hubby, working out and getting things done on my baby check list! Food wise, cravings have calmed down. I'm continuing to listen to my body and trying to be healthy but also not afraid to indulge. (Salt & Vinegar chips are still my best friend and sour dolma! Mmm) I've gained about 15 pounds which is where I want to be at this point. I get up to pee about 3-4 times during the night (mother natures cruel way of preparing me for those restless nights ahead!) No more acne…YAY!!! Got my first tiny stretch mark under one breast (weird?). I can feel my uterus lined up at my belly button (random fact lol). I find myself crying very easily these days. From rom-com movies to sweet comments I read on my Insta! 🤣 I wonder everyday what she's up to in my belly. Wishing I could hang out with her. Looking forward to the day I can smother her in kisses whenever I want. My little mini me. ❤👶🏻 #babyhendrix #19weeks #pregnantstyle #summertime #mommytobe

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Rather than the longline cardigan type of beach cover, what you have here is a lightweight blanket cover made cute with the tassel detailing.

The cover complements the multi coloured swimsuit with the oversized sun hat.

The floppy hat becomes a must when trying to keep the sun at bay.

When you are not a fan of brightly-coloured hats, stick with the classic shades of beige or cream.

Go Stripe With A Hint Of Colour

While others may go colour crazy from head to toe, you can choose a monochrome shade for the top and a hint of colour for the bottom.

The look can be teamed with a hat in the same colour with bright reflective coloured lenses if you wish.

Laced Cardigan

What a stunning open front cardigan.

The main appeal here is the lace design.

It’s sexy without going overboard.

This sort of style is ideal if you are going to and from the beach to an on site bar or eatery.

They are not only comfortable but equally seducing because the bikini is exposed.

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Bodice Swimsuit

Others might prefer the two piece swimsuit over one piece.

However, for you, a one piece is everything.

The look shows that you can have a swimsuit that hugs the baby bump and still, look stylish while providing support to the bust area.

Have you been hesitant, whether you can pull off one piece swimsuit with your growing bump?

Use this photo as a guide.

Black on Black

When you don’t want bright swimwear, you go for the safest option which is black.

It’s because black goes with everything you choose to wear.

The look is ideal for a simple walk down the beach or just to lie down on the sun lounger with your favourite book to read.

You also have the fancy headgear and the hand held bag with matching slippers which helps to enhance the overall look.

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