How To Get 90s Style

Scrunchies and babydoll dresses… ah, those were the days. Looking back, fashion has come on leaps and bounds since the nineties.

But now, those iconic styles from the age of the Spice Girls are making a comeback.

Shock horror – not the dreaded flared jeans?!

But wait, what’s so bad about that?

Fashion, as I’m sure you’re very well aware, repeats itself over the years.

Five years ago, I wouldn’t even dream of considering double denim.

But yet, here we are.

Why not spice up your life (shh, Mel B) with mixed prints, space buns, and bomber jackets?


Platform Shoes

A popular footwear choice in the nineties were platform trainers.

These confidence-boosting shoes weren’t just around in the nineties, though.

During the medieval times, royals wore them to avoid getting a foot-full of muck when walking along the streets.

And I don’t blame them, too – yuck!

Now, thankfully, that’s not the case.

From classic 70s disco to pop music videos, these shoes have more recently been associated with fun.

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Now, platforms are found in the form of a sandal; perfect for summer holidays and would look amazing with a pair of culottes.

90s Glasses

Back in the nineties, circular-framed specs were everywhere.

They were the most popular style.

Nowadays, nothing has changed; the high-street stores are all over that oval shaped frame, now selling as retro.

So, whether you were into Kurt Cobain’s grunge style glasses or not, it seems like there’s a style for everyone.

They complement hooped earrings, and people with a more angular face-shape.

Adding a quirky yet urban tone to your look.


Growing up in the nineties, I remember throwing my crimped hair up into a high pony, tied with a scrunchie for school.

It didn’t matter what colour – pink, yellow, red – whatever went!

And now they’re making a comeback – they are retro, after all (which makes me feel really old).

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Perhaps not as common to wear with crimped hair, now scrunchies can be worn as bracelets.

You can buy ones in colours that aren’t perhaps quite as bright, which means you can style them with your outfits in a more coordinated way.

Slip Dress

After the decades of metallics, frills and flowers, the slip dress came along quietly, offering a simpler and more feminine design.

Its easy-to-wear style became popular for all kinds of occasions.

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You can easily dress it up with some glamorous jewellery or keep it simple for a casual day out.

Versatility makes me question why the slip has been hiding away in our wardrobes for this long.

Personally, I love them, and think they look great with a pair of strappy heels and a denim jacket.


Ah, yes, the choker.

A symbol of the grunge era of the nineties.

Dark lipstick, miniskirts, studded jewellery and chokers were all the rage.

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They’ve evolved since the French Revolution, when women wore them to respect the people who had lost their lives at the guillotine, into a stylish accessory to spruce up an outfit.

Now, they’re worn more subtly than in the nineties – studs are no longer as popular.

Instead, a more delicate approach is taken, often tied with bows or displaying a small charm.

The accessory has become more versatile, meaning they can be worn as a part of an every-day, casual outfit.


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