How To Get Bronzed For Summer

The sun’s out – it’s time to get your legs out, head to the beach and get your summer glow on.

But what are the best ways to become a bronze goddess this summer?

With so many different products on the shelves and so many different ways to get a tan on, it can be a confusing minefield if you’re not used to bronzing.

We have compiled together some top tips for some of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve that elusive summer glow.


1. Buy Bronzer

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a bronze glow is to buy a simple bronzer.

The great thing about this makeup item is that you can adjust the intensity of the colour according to how bronzed you want to be.

And if you get it totally wrong, then at least it will wash off.

If you are very fair skinned, then try to find a bronzer which has a pink undertone, rather than an orange undertone.

The latter will make it really obvious that you are wearing bronzer and won’t look natural.

Dust some bronzer underneath your cheekbones, across your temples, on the forehead and under the chin.

This is called the ‘halo effect’, and will really give you that bronze goddess look.


2. Self-Tanner

Although this is probably one of the scariest ways to tan for many people, self-tan is actually very easy to do once you know how.

Also, it is totally safe for your body and skin – bonus.

Self-tans come in several different formulas:

  • Mousse
  • Lotion
  • Spray
  • Wipes
  • Build-up moisturizer

If you’re a fake tan newbie, stick to a build-up moisturizer so you can learn how best to apply tan to your skin, body and face.

It will give a gorgeous subtle glow to your skin too.

Once you are comfortable with this, you can move up to a stronger tan if you wish.

Each tan is different, but most will require the use of a tanning mitt, such as one used in the picture above.

This will create an even tan and stop the palms of your hands going orange.

Start by exfoliating your skin all over – this will make your tan stick around for ages.

Moisturize dry patches of your skin such as knees, elbows and ankles to prevent tan getting stuck in these areas and looking darker.


3. Sunbathing

If you are wanting the most natural tan possible, then sunbathing is always an option.

That is, if you are on holiday or the sun is actually shining in the UK.

Make sure that whenever you go out into the sun, you are properly protected.

You need to wear a suncream of at least SPF15 for it to protect your skin from harmful UV rays properly.

Don’t just protect your skin though – you need to think about your body as a whole.

Take regular breaks out of the sun and drink plenty of water.

By keeping hydrated, your tan will be stronger and last longer anyway.

Be sure to protect your eyes from the rays too.

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