How to Get Selena Gomez’s Cute Glasses and Makeup Combo

When you wear glasses, it can be tempting to hide behind your frames and ditch the cosmetics. We hate to say it but glasses do make it harder to apply makeup; put on too little and it can look lost, but wear too much and your specs can distort and draw extra attention to it.

However, all hope is not lost. Selena Gomez is proving that girls who wear glasses can look fabulous in makeup. When she shared a selfie on her Instagram account earlier in the week, we couldn’t help but notice her flawless application skills behind her amazing frames. In the snap, Selena wore over-sized wayfarer frames in tortoiseshell which really highlighted her beautiful eye makeup. She went for a simple base with winged eyeliner featuring a feminine flick, adding what look to be false eyelashes for a flirty, fluttering look. She finished the look with a peachy-pink lip colour which looks perfect with her skin tone.

The key to this look is to wear just the right amount of makeup, and we think Selena has hit the nail on the head, keeping both her eyes and lips fresh and pretty without looking too overdone.


A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

While this look really caught our attention, it’s not the first time Selena has shown off a stunning glasses and makeup combo.

We also came across this fun photo of Selena in another fab pair of frames. Here, Selena has gone for a similar eye makeup look, with plenty of lashes and eyeliner. This time though, she’s paired pink frames with a bold pink lip colour.  

Me, well everyday.

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

If you love the way that Selena wears her glasses as much as we do, then take a look at our four tips to get the look for yourself:

Wing it With Eyeliner

First up, you need to draw attention to those peepers so they don’t get lost behind your specs. Winged eyeliner, like Selena’s will enhance your eyes and give your makeup a more interesting look. Use a black liquid liner and follow the shape of your eye for the best results.

Magnify Your Lashes with Mascara

While Selena seems to be wearing false lashes in her photos, they can sometimes be a little long to wear with glasses and can brush against lenses in an awkward and uncomfortable way. As an alternative, use lashings of mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and your eyes appear bigger. Stick with classic black if you’re wearing black eyeliner and give your bottom lashes a coating too for a wide awake look.

Don’t Forget Lipstick!

Many people think you should just stick to eye makeup when you’re wearing glasses through fear of overdoing it. However, Selena has shown that if you pick the right shade, lipstick can really balance out your face and add a pretty touch to your makeup look. Copy her style by choosing a shade of pink to suit your glasses and your complexion. We love her peachy coral shade which will suit most ladies.

Steal her Specs Style

Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without Selena’s stylish glasses, so if you really want to nail her look, we’ve found some frames that are almost the same as the pairs she’s wearing in her Instagram snaps.

Copy Selena’s first combo with a pair of over-sized specs such as the Sirius S009 glasses. They feature the same rounded wayfarer frames and a very similar brown tortoiseshell finish.


Alternatively, if you prefer Selena’s bold coloured glasses, get the look with the eye-catching Antares 8973 glasses. Finished in pink, they’ll look amazing with matching lipstick.

Antares 8973

And that’s it! A simple but effective way to wear makeup with glasses and look just as cute as Selena Gomez doing it.

Do you love Selena’s immaculate glasses and makeup combo? Or perhaps you think you can do better? If you have some beauty tips and tricks for glasses wearers or want to share your own makeup look, leave us a comment below or tweet us your photos @SelectSpecs on Twitter.

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