How To Organize Your Wardrobe

Less is more, nudes and neutrals are the new it colours, and quality over quantity is a mantra to live by. So why not take the somewhat drastic decision of cutting your wardrobe down to it’s bones?

The bare minimum of clothing will actually cut your getting ready time down substantially and make you less likely to wear the same thing everyday.

You will end up with better quality staple pieces for your wardrobe, and classics to last you a lifetime. Sounds good to you?

Read on to get the 101 on styling an elusive capsule wardrobe.

Key 1: Matchy Matchy

Imagine if nearly everything you owned was neutral colour? If all your bottoms were in shades like camel, black, navy and grey or even white if you are so inclined, denim and leopard can be considered a neutral most of the time.

Your accessories, shoes and bags are in matching colours, your tops might have a pop of colour but are generally the same.

Subtle patterns and textures can be included, in one piece of each outfit and outwear is added as needed.

The appeal of this fashion choice is in it’s simplicity, manageability, time and money saving and just plain ease.

See, tortoiseshell can be a neutral too, like these fun oversized sunnies below.

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Key 2: It’s a Numbers Game

Apart from colours and fabrics, the number of pieces in your wardrobe is a key point. Have too many and it defeats the point and is just clutter; too few and you’ll have nothing to pair with.

The ideal number of garments is between a rather shocking dozen (this takes practice and perseverance) and a slightly more reasonable twenty (or 21, who’s counting).

Now if you run it down, this would ideally consist of: jeans, slacks, a skirt (preferably business casual), a pair of shorts (that can transition from summer brunch with friends to the beach), 2 dresses (one for occasions and a little black dress that can be dressed up or down) , 3 tops (ranging from formal, to casual, to dressy), a trench coat, a heavier winter coat, ballet flats, heels, sandals, trainers, a pair of leggings, a jeans shirt, a leather jacket, and a blazer.

A clutch and an everyday bag. A total of 21 pieces to start with and choose from, with a trendy or seasonal piece added here or there.

Like these trendy aviator specs below:

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Key 3: It’s All in The Details

Smaller accessories should include a watch, pearl or stud earrings, one statement piece (an embellished choker necklace, for example), gloves and scarf for winter months to tie in with your winter coat, one to two pieces of flattering swimwear, glasses if needed and a pair of sunglasses.

The glasses below are a great choice that add character to an otherwise blank canvas outfit.

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Key 4: 1+1 Makes 3

Now here’s how to pair all these pieces together; add one flair of character, whether with accessories, print or shape, and otherwise stick to neutrals.

Pair slacks with a formal top and heels for the office, or opt for that business casual skirt with a casual top and a blazer with ballet flats.

You could always pair that little black dress with the blazer or jeans shirt for a third office look, depending on how casual an atmosphere.

There really are a lot more options than you’d think. The idea is that nearly everything in your wardrobe can be worn with everything else. The possibilities are endless. Get matching.

Here are a pair of sunnies that will go with nearly everything to get you started:

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If you are looking for a little something extra to add to your capsule wardrobe, take a look at how to style these fashion essentials

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