How To Prepare For British Summer

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to dig out the flip-flops, don the sunhat and get the bikini out. Or is it?

Being Britain, you can be pretty certain that this summer won’t be all sunshine and heat. You may need to prepare for rain showers, early morning frosts and maybe the odd bit of snow here and there.

Luckily for you, we have compiled together some top tips for getting ready for the Great British Summer. It’s time to start preparing now.

1. Make sure you have an Umbrella

You will use an umbrella at some point during the next few months.

Why not ditch your boring black ‘brollie’ and go for a pretty floral or pastel coloured option instead? You might as well brighten up your outfit even if it is pouring buckets outside.

2. Invest in a Pretty Raincoat

When it rains, you’re going to need a raincoat of sorts. But there’s no point in digging out your big thick winter coat, as this will likely be too much for these (slightly) warmer months.

You need to get a raincoat which keeps you dry, isn’t too thick, and looks stylish. These two options above demonstrate that keeping dry from the rain doesn’t have to be boring.

Brightly colored raincoats will brighten up even the most dreary of days.

3. Grab a Jumper

The wind makes me sassy 🌬🌪Obsessed with this @duniaalgeriatelier cardi – I haven't been able to take it off!

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There will be days when the sun isn’t out at all, the wind is blowing and it is FREEZING.

You’re going to need a gorgeous jumper at some point, like YouTuber Amelia Liana’s in this outfit. Team with a pair of jeans and some leather boots and don’t let the cold spoil your day.

4. Layer Up

Cute date night @theofficialselfridges last night 👑 with @li0nsmane ❤ 🌈

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Sometimes you just don’t know if it is going to be really sunny, or really rainy and cold.

The best thing to do is create layers. Wear a short-sleeved top, layer with a thin jumper or cardigan, and then wear a coat or jacket over the top, like YouTubers Estee Lalonde and Aslan have done here.

If you don’t want to wear jeans, you can always wear a dress or skirt with tights, and then take the tights off halfway through the day if it warms up a bit.

5. Buy Photochromic or Transition Sunglasses

When in LA… 😝

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Photochromic or transition lenses adjust according to the brightness or the sun and hence the level of UV rays.

Incredibly useful when you’re unsure of how sunny it is going to be on a particular day. They prevent you needing to buy several different pairs of sunglasses, hence saving you money and valuable space in your handbag.

Examples of such sunglasses include the Drivewear DW6. The gorgeous tortoiseshell frames and rectangle style are bang-on-trend, and would be the perfect accessory for any summer wardrobe.

If you want to see a full list of photochromic or transition lenses on SelectSpecs, click here.

Drivewear DW6

 Drivewear DW6

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