How To Travel in Comfort

You may have an up and coming holiday which involves traveling for many hours in a plane, car or train.

If so, you will be interested in how to best travel in comfort, ensuring you arrive at your destination happy, relaxed and refreshed.

We have compiled together some of the best travel tips to help you get your holiday off to a great start.


1. Wear Comfortable Clothing

There is nothing worse than getting on a plane ready for an eight-hour flight and realizing your jeans are too tight, you’re freezing cold, and you’ve developed a blister on your foot.

Make sure you plan ahead and set aside a tried and trusty outfit to wear which is comfortable, light, and has several different layers.

Amelia’s outfit here is great, with her loose-fitting dress and trainer combo.

We love her sunglasses too – perfect for the balmy Italian weather.

Get her look with the Ray-Ban RB3592.

We love the round gold frames and blue tinted lenses – perfect for the holidays.

Ray-Ban RB3592

Ray-Ban RB3592

2. Get Some Good Headphones

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Headphones are an absolute essential for me when I am traveling.

There is nothing better than putting your headphones on, putting on my music, and disappearing into my own little world.

Get some good noise-isolating ones to drown out the sound of crying children or rowdy stag parties.

3. Get a Travel Pillow

This is another no-brainer.

Travel pillows will support your head and neck when you are resting or sleeping, and are an essential for long haul flights.

If you don’t use one it is likely that you will get some sort of neck ache – not a great way to start your holiday.

4. Buy a Big Bottle of Water

Yes, you can buy water on the plane, but it is ridiculously expensive and a complete waste of money.

After you have gone through security, buy a couple of big bottles of water and take these with you.

Drinking lots of water will prevent headaches, rehydrate skin which drys out from the air conditioning and just make you feel better overall.

5. Bring Your Own Entertainment

Some airlines have films which you can watch if you pay, or for free if you’re lucky.

But it is a great feeling knowing that you have a tablet, a laptop or phone full of movies, TV shows and podcasts to keep you amused for hours.

Download all your favourite content before you travel and you won’t get bored.

6. Take a Personal Toiletries Kit

Obviously, abide by the security rules of the airline when it comes to quantity and size of the product, but be sure to take a little toiletries bag.

Take some key makeup pieces to top up your face, and if you’re traveling long haul then a makeup remover is a good idea too.

Moisturizer for your face and body will come in handy too to prevent your skin from drying out in the plane.


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