How To Use The Golden Ratio to Look Your Best

The golden ratio is a mathematics principle found in art and nature and dubbed the beauty proportion. Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is a great example of the way it applies to the human form, with the ratio between his torso and his legs being approximately 1:1.6.

The sequential form of the ratio can be seen in the spiral of the Nautilus shell and is also represented in the Fibonacci sequence (where the next number in the sequence is found by adding up the two numbers before it).

Too much maths for you? Let’s apply it to your fashion sense, and have a little fun with it, shall we?

Sillouhette It

A great tip when thinking about the ratios and proportions of what we wear is to think about the silhouettes they create, so if you wear a loosely fitting smock dress, that falls below your knees, it will create an unflattering silhouette, no matter your shape or height.

The same applies to overbearing accessories and eyewear that dominates your face. So read on for tips on how to stop this from happening.

Pretty Proportions

Mix loose fitting with fitted, for the perfect balance, and throw on a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo SF166S sunnies, that will fit your face just right.

Here’s the rule, think of everything as a 1:1.6 ratio, as it is the most flattering, especially if you are wearing a single block of colour, make sure it doesn’t hit you too low and cut you in half, which will make you look shorter and unflatteringly disproportioned.

Your sunglasses shouldn’t overpower your face, again think of the ratio, more of your face should be showing than is covered up by your shades or you will look overpowered by your choice of eyewear.

Salvatore Ferragamo SF166S

Salvatore Ferragamo SF166S

 Its all in the Ratios, Baby!

Cinch your waist in to define it, colour blocking is also a great idea to define the proportions you want to emphasize or highlight. To highlight facial features, use facial accessories, sunglasses like the Salvatore Ferragamo SF878S, will draw attention to a strong brow, or that red lippie.

Salvatore Ferragamo SF878S

Salvatore Ferragamo SF878S

Draw the Eye

Create a point where the eye is naturally drawn within your outfit, showing a little skin in key areas will do just that!

Make sure you always remember our beauty ratio, however, your legs should always appear about one and a half times as long as your torso. We aren’t all born with the perfect proportions, but faking it is easy, as with these TODS TO0214 printed sunnies, that will bring to light all your best features.

 TODS TO0214


Create a Line

It is all about drawing lines with your clothing, whether with a belt, or where fabric stops or starts. Patterns can draw the eye as well, creating focal points.

The Tom Ford FT0575 also create lines, and points of focus, and are the perfect size for most faces to get the right ratio.

Tom Ford FT0575

Tom Ford FT0575

Tuck it in

Outfit of the day by @cmcoving – What do you love about her look?

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A great tip to make oversized or ill-fitting clothes more flattering, is to tuck them in, or roll them up, belt them, or tie them, fake them being fitted in other words.

These sapphire blue Roberto Cavalli RC1068 need no faking though, they are effortlessly perfect.

Roberto Cavalli RC1068

Roberto Cavalli RC1068

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Now you’ve got your outfit on fleek, you need the accessories to go with it, and we’ve got you covered, with these top 10 tips to coordinate your winter accessories!

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