In October, Wear it Pink!


As you may or may not know, October has been named Breast Cancer Awareness month meaning it’s the month to wear pink!

Forget the typical autumnal colours we’re used to seeing during this month like the crispy orange leaves on the ground, black spooky Halloween costumes and carved out pumpkins, nope it’s time to spruce things up a bit!


Schools and work places all over the country may be taking part, if they’re not make sure you check out to see how you or your work/school can get involved, so we thought we’d showcase our favourite pink glasses:


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Starting with perhaps our most favourite yet, here’s our Savannah 8121 prescription glasses, bringing a burst of bubblegum pink into your life.  Modelled on the ever popular Ray-Ban Wayfarer model you might be relieved to hear they don’t match in price.

You don’t need a prescription either, any optical glasses from SelectSpecs are available with fashion lenses – meaning they don’t contain a prescription, or you have the choice of ordering them with no lenses if you want to be really kooky!

Worth a look is our Savannah 8122 in pink too, a smaller version of the 8121 but at the same price of £10.

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Pink, but slightly subdued for an everyday look to wear on outside of ‘wear it pink October’ is our Hallmark 1613 prescription glasses.  From a range which gels together the best of modern and vintage we reckon this model could suit young or old too.

With a splash of a deeper, more magenta pink along the arms, any pink lover would find them hard to resist, especially with a price of £25, including free single vision prescription lenses (if you need it) and coatings.


We do have plenty of over pink glasses available (175 to be exact and that’s not including the 297 sunglasses we have too!)

When browsing through our products just select colour option ‘pink’ in the left hand toolbar to shop through all pink coloured frames.

If you do end up donning one of our pink specs for any fundraising event for Breast Cancer Research we’d love to see your pictures!  Please send them to our Twitter or Facebook pages and we’ll be sure to give you a share.

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