Indian Cricketers: Top 10 Eyewear Ambassadors

Indian Cricket Team

Cricket is a popular sport followed by millions of people from around the globe.

Known as ‘The Gentleman’s Game’, cricket is a sport where emotions run high as teams battle it out in the playing field. The game has been entertaining spectators ever since the very first international match that took place in the mid 19th century.

Modern day cricket imparts its very own style to the fashion world, largely due to the colourful jerseys, modern cricket gears, and vibrant collection of sunglasses worn by cricket players.

The Indian Cricket team is a world-class unit known for their aggression, skill, and strong passion for the game. They are also renowned for their high-profile fashion, which includes the use of a wide range of ultra-stylish sunglasses.

Join us as we looking at the best eyewear from ten popular players from the Indian Cricket team, along with matching SelectSpecs frames.

Read on for eyewear inspiration from the Indian cricket players turned fashion heroes!


Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, is well-known for his master-class batting and strong passion for the game.

The picture shows Sachin sporting his usual practice jersey paired with glossy sunglasses and a shiny silver bracelet. Such an exquisite look!

Even while displaying his masterclass batting skills, Sachin never ceases to wear his super-cool sunglasses, making him look so elegant and sharp.

The stylish Ray-Ban RB3558 frames are perfect if you want to steal Sachin’s casual style. Pair them with a casual tee-shirt-jeans combo, and you’re all set.

Grab them below from SelectSpecs to look stylish on all occasions!

Ray-Ban RB3558


Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly, the champion cricketer from Kolkata, West Bengal, is the greatest captain of the Indian cricket team.

In the picture above, Ganguly is seen waving to the crowds after winning a test match series at home. The vibrant colored sport sunglasses adds extra glamour to his look.

We will always adore Ganguly’s shades from the iconic brands Ray-Ban & Ralph Lauren, which happens to be his two personal favorites!

Ganguly’s cool hairstyle, stylish shades, and strong leadership skills serve as an inspiration for all upcoming cricket players.

We think the closest match here is the Oakley OO9208 RADAR EV PATH available at SelectSpecs. Grab them below to match Ganguly’s style!


Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid, the skillful cricketer from Bangalore, Karnataka, is well-known for his strong offensive style of batting display.

In this shot, Dravid looks great sporting his favourite shades, and catching the ball during the routine fielding practice sessions. We can’t stop admiring the beauty of the vibrant colored sunglasses!

The colorful shades offer a clear sight of the ball, and look best when paired with a variety of light colored outfits.

We believe the cool Adidas ad05 Zonyk Aero Pro L sunglasses would be perfect for all those who love to use a wide range of colorful accessories. Grab them below to match the look of Rahul Dravid!

Adidas ad05 Zonyk Aero Pro L

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, the dominant cricketer from Ranchi, Jharkhand, is one of the most successful Indian captains, winning all three major ICC tournaments.

Dhoni looks great in this picturesque shot, sporting a casual tee-shirt paired with vibrant aqua-blue sunglasses.

We’re loving the contrasting colors of Dhoni’s flashy eyewear amidst the scenic background. A complete casual look from the Indian wicket-keeper batsman!

The glossy sunglasses can be paired with a variety of casual tees & jeans in order to form different styles.

Steal Dhoni’s look by using these stylish MEXX 6346 shades available at SelectSpecs.

MEXX 6346

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the modern-day great from Delhi, is the current captain & one of the best batsman in this generation of cricketers.

Kohli looks as cool as ever in the above selfie shot, captured while traveling in a car. The main highlight of this shot happens to be his ultra-cool sunglasses.

Sporting a stylish Puma athletic track jacket, paired with a matching tee and blue glossy shades, Kohli absolutely rocks it in this picture. The light grey sports cap is the perfect accessory to match his dark sporty attire.

Overall, it’s a typical casual rock-star look from the popular Indian cricketer.

Steal Virat’s style with the Ermenegildo Zegna EZ0098 available at SelectSpecs!

Ermenegildo Zegna EZ0098



Sreesanth, the aggressive fast-bowler from Kothamangalam, Kerala, is considered to be one of the best bowlers to have played for India.

Sreesanth looks super-stylish in the above shot, pictured as he makes his way towards the airport along with his daughter Sree Sanvika.

We’re obsessed with the glossy shades and matching black cap which serves as the perfect accessories for a casual look.

Sreesanth’s wardrobe includes a black jacket paired with matching trousers and a white tee-shirt, whereas his daughter sports a cute pink tee paired with blue denim. Overall, it’s an absolutely stylish look from the adorable pair!

The glossy sunglasses pack a punch especially when paired with casual attire and accessories.

Steal Sreesanth’s casual look by grabbing the trendy INVU B1411 shades.

INVU B1411


Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, the aggressive cricketer from Chandigarh, is well-known for his classic batting display and supreme fielding skills.

While in London, Yuvraj Singh decided to flaunt his stylish side just like he does it on the cricket field. And what better way to do it than by sporting his ultra-stylish sporty sunglasses.

We will always adore the classic Adidas sunglasses which are ideal for cricket players worldwide.

Paired with a matching round-neck tee-shirt and cap from his very own ‘YWC fashion’, Yuvraj slays his signature look with absolute ease.

We think the Oakley OO9363 FLAK BETA is the perfect match here. Grab them below to match the look of Yuvraj Singh!

Oakley OO9363 FLAK BETA


Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan, the fast bowler from Shrirampur, Maharashtra, is considered to be one of the greatest bowlers in the Indian team.

The picture shows cricketer Zaheer Khan showing-off his bowling style to the viewers.

Wearing a formal coat and a white shirt, paired with dark brown trousers, Zaheer looks great in the above shot. The glossy shades blend well with his attire, completing his look perfectly.

To sum it up, it’s a typical gentleman look which features the stylish shades as the main highlight.

We believe these classic Ray-Ban RB3386 sunglasses would be a perfect match. Grab them below to steal Zaheer’s style!

Ray-Ban RB3386


Ajinkya Rahane

Ajinkya Rahane, the talented cricketer from Ashwi KD, Maharashtra, is known for his classic batting display.

The picture shows Rahane in his car, flaunting his dark sunglasses as he takes a selfie.

Paired with a matching tee, it’s an ultra-cool look by the youngster, in a picture where the color black dominates.

Rahane’s casual attire happens to the best choice for short outdoor trips and training sessions.

Steal Rahane’s style by using these stylish Ray-Ban RB4125 Cats 5000 shades, available at SelectSpecs.

Ray-Ban RB4125 Cats 5000


Ravindrasinh Jadeja

Ravindrasinh Jadeja, from Rajkot, Gujarat, is regarded as one of the best modern-day all-rounders in the Indian cricket team.

What a splendid look from the cricketer, known for his trademark ‘Sword’ celebration!

We love Jadeja’s glossy aviator shades which add extra glamour to his look. Paired perfectly with a blue casual tee-shirt, it’s a typical casual style from the star cricketer.

It is evident that his cool hairdo, Van Dyke style beard, and stylish sunglasses steal the spotlight in this selfie.

The classic Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator happens to be the perfect match here. Grab them below to steal his look!

Ray-Ban RB3025


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