What To Wear To A Job Interview

At this time of year, many students would have graduated from University and will be now putting their first step forward into their lifelong career. Many will already have a clear idea of what they want to do, and where they want to go.

But lots will also need to test the waters in different areas first.

And that means lots and lots of interviews.

They can seem daunting and nerve-wracking; days and sometimes weeks of preparation may go into them.

But it’s important to stay on top of the butterflies in your stomach and go in to an interview feeling confident and strong.

One way you can boost your confidence is by dressing in a way that is going to make you look and feel your best.

Picking clothes that look professional and make you feel comfortable will help to calm the nerves.

So, here are some ideas on how you might like to dress on the big day.

Statement Piece

Today's look on @thismorning … skirt and top by @marksandspencer #peruna 🖤

A post shared by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

For a more casual interview, choose something memorable; an item that will stand out could work in your favour!

This could be a scarf, jacket, piece of jewellery or a skirt like Holly Willoughby wears here.

To make her skirt the focal point of her outfit, Holly dresses in a simple black tee and heels as to not distract away from it.

You could dress up this look with some jewellery – because who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?


Coordinating your outfit will bring the whole look together.

The bright colours in this outfit match perfectly with the sunglasses.

Of course, you wouldn’t wear them in the interview (unless your interview is outside) but you could fold them onto the front of your top for something a bit different.

If you do go for a bright colour, mix it with plain and non-patterned clothing as you wouldn’t want to look too busy.

Simplicity is key.

This kind of look is definitely one for a casual interview.

Yes, you could very well coordinate your outfit when dressing for a formal meeting, but keep the colours minimal and stick to monochromatic tones.

Try out the glasses here:

Formal Wear

A more formal interview normally means you have to dress much smarter.

For women, a trouser suit or a formal dress would fit perfectly.

Stick to monochrome colours and avoid color.

If you opt for a dress or skirt, keep to a suitable length; just above the knee is fine.

Spring back into the working week with our chic Navy Tie Pencil Dress 💕💼🔎 66873730 #Workwear #Dress #LoveDP

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This dress is layered with a white collar which looks professional and smart.

Small and simple jewellery will add to the classy look.

Don’t shy away from wearing your glasses to an interview.

With this smart outfit, stick to dark frames in a shape to suit your face shape.

Angular frames suit rounder faces and rounder frames suit more angular faces.

Smart Casual

If your interviewer asks for ‘smart casual’ don’t go into panic mode.

Seriously, who really knows what smart casual is?

All this means is that you’d dress smartly and formally, with your own twist.

For example, this outfit consists of smart trousers, a white blouse and the twist – a pink blazer.

Everything remains looking smart without going too casual.

Another way you could add something different to a formal look is by adding a patterned scarf – this is a great way to add a pop of colour.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel good in it!

It can really affect your attitude.

Good luck!

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