Top 5 Jumpers + Eyewear For Autumn

As much as we have loved the Summer months this year, living in Britain, we are used to the fact that they can be rather short! Whilst September is only just beginning, the Autumn weather will start to creep in over the next few weeks.

To get yourself truly prepared for a fashionable Autumn, I thought we would look at some of the jumper and knitwear trends that are likely to be popular this autumnal season and how you can style your eyewear for a bold, on-trend look.


Oversized jumpers have been around for a couple of years now and it’s likely that the trend will not change this year.

Oversized jumpers can be a staple in any autumn wardrobe as they can be styled in many different ways.

Layer over shirts and collared tops for a preppy look, tuck into chinos or pencil trousers for a more elegant look, or simply wear over jeans or leggings for a cosy, casual style.

The beauty of these jumpers is that you can find one for almost any taste you have, including your eyewear.

We think an oversized jumper would look particularly lovely with an oversized pair of glasses to create a bold look.

Our Bvlgari BV4142KG glasses are perfect for pairing with a jumper this season.

The black frames will complement any jumper colour and the rose gold and jewel detailing on the side arm adds a touch of elegance.

Bold Colours

Autumn is the perfect season for bringing out those colours which so complement the colours that are around us in nature: yellows, reds, burgundy, navy, green.

Bold coloured jumpers are bound to be another trend for this season, with more vibrant colours also featuring as well as the more natural, muted colours.

Combine your bold coloured jumper with browns and dark greens for a truly autumnal look that will have you reaching for a pumpkin spiced latte every time.

If you are wearing a bold colour in a jumper, then try and stick to more natural looking eyewear which still suits the aesthetic of the season without looking too garish.

The Giorgio Armani AR5074 glasses are the perfect pair for this look as they are neutral, but are also beautifully designed, so they will stand out and make a statement in your outfit.

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Patterned jumpers are usually associated with the Christmas sweater, but can actually be a great choice if you want to go for something a little more casual and traditional.

Vintage patterns are slated to be an Autumnal fashion choice and it looks as though the 70’s style trend of Summer will continue on in bold print looks within autumn knitwear collections.

Jumpers with Scandinavian style prints will also still feature this year and are perfect for pairing with plaid or denim shirts for a rustic, layered patterned look.

Pairing a patterned jumper with bold glasses is a great way to create a unique statement look for this season.

Make sure that you choose colours that complement each other on the colour wheel such as blues and yellow hues, or reds and greens.

The Tonny TY9708 glasses are sure to make a bold statement this season with their vibrant mustard yellow frames and complimentary grey and red side arms.

These glasses would look great with jumpers featuring geometric prints and in hues of blue or green.


Striped jumpers look to be a big fashion statement for the autumn season this year, and horizontal stripes in particular.

Stripes are set to be thicker, bolder, and more statement this year also, sitting alongside the 70’s trends that have been dominating summer fashion.

The beauty of choosing a striped jumper is that you can opt for a thinner jumper which hugs the figure, or a chunkier sweater that can be layered and gives a cozier vibe.

Either way, stripes are set to be your autumn staple this year.

Semi-rimless glasses create an almost striped effect across the frame, which would suit striped jumper looks really well.

Neutral colours such as black, brown, or tortoiseshell will help to prevent any garish looks, but the design of the frame will be bold enough to help create a striking look for the season.

The Tom Ford FT5392 glasses are perfect for this look as they have the bold semi rimless frames, but are neutral enough to complement any jumper style.

Jumper Dress

Jumper dresses are the perfect autumnal fashion piece as they allow you to retain some of the summer femininity that dresses give you, but you can also stay warm and cosy.

They are also a very versatile item which you can wear over jeans or trousers for a casual look, or over tights or leggings for a more formal look.

To counteract the bold fashion piece that is a jumper dress, and to try and break down some of that boldness, we think a wire-rimmed, or rimless glasses choice would suit this look.

The copper coloured Ray-Ban RX6392 glasses are the perfect solution for this style.

The copper colour is very autumnal as well as being on trend, and the size and style means they can make a statement without overbearing your jumper look.

Whatever jumper look you choose to style this season, ensure that your eyewear look is just as bold and statement.

Selectspecs have such a wide variety of styles and colours that you are sure to find one or more styles that will be perfect for this autumn season.

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