Tips For Keeping Kids Safe With Specs

As you know, children don’t always appreciate the fact that they need to wear prescription glasses. Becoming increasingly conscious of their image; the concept of wearing glasses does not always seem appealing.

It’s no surprise when they sometimes deliberately leave them behind at home before going to school, or even leave them at school at the end of the day, hoping that it will go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, without a single doubt, the avoidance of lenses could impact on their learning in the long run.

Reasons Why Kids Refuse To Wear Specs:

They might feel quite confident without wearing glasses or they might feel that their appearance is much more desirable without them.

Specs are not always practical on the playground as they could get knocked off children’s faces. Can you imagine a child playing football with their glasses on? They’ve just got to wear them for their own good. Often they can’t stop fidgeting with them.

Specs are impractical for swimming.

“Glasses are not always fashionable,” exclaims a child. Fortunately, our selection of children’s Dolce and Gabbana glasses will provide them with a trendy and fashionable look that will keep kids smiling.

Their peers know some children wearing glasses as geeks, which could be a sign of bullying.

Why Children Are Prescribed Glasses:

They enhance their vision.

There is a likelihood that children will be capable of seeing the interactive whiteboard clearly at school, and consequently boost their learning.

Solutions & Safety Tips:

In order to avoid damage due to a dreaded fall which is inevitable with children, remind them to place their specs on a surface with the lenses facing upwards if they are likely to indulge in high impact sports. Also encourage them to store their glasses in a safe place when not in use.

In line with our specialized optician’s advice, if they are first time users, preparing children for glasses is important for their confidence.

In addition, make sure they are properly fitted and that they are regularly maintained, for example, clean the lenses and check the hinges. Remind them to place them on a surface to avoid scratching the lenses.

Advise them not to share their specs with others. Children need to know that prescription glasses are similar to administering medicine and are not for sharing.

Stress to them that their glasses were prescribed due to vision requirements or distorted vision and that it is perfectly all right to wear them.

Assure them that they are not any different to other children. Glasses a prescribed to protect their vision and to correct any irregularities or distortions. Perhaps remind them of Harry Potter and how he had to wear glasses as a wizard!

Try these super trendy D&G Kid’s frames:

Choosing a trendy frame is key and although it could cost a little bit more than an NHS frame it is nevertheless worth it.

Allow them to select their own frames (on a budget), as they are less likely to neglect them. If the child is under 5 then a plastic frame would be more desirable. Keeping kids safe with their specs on is paramount for their every day life.

Get a stylish new case for your kid’s frames:

Check for more tricks on getting your children to keep specs glued to their eyes

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