Kid’s Eyewear: Protecting your Child’s Eyes

On sunny days and holidays we are always keen to ensure that our children are sufficiently protected from the sun. Armed with hats and a high factor sun cream, ensuring that your child’s eyes are protected from the sun is just as important as ensuring that they don’t burn.

The website states that:

children are more susceptible to damage to the light-sensitive retina at the back of the eye from UV rays because the lens inside a child’s eye is less capable of blocking UV than an adult lens, enabling more of this harmful radiation to penetrate deep into the eye

When exposed to different rays of the sun’s beams such as UV-A and UV-B, damage can be caused to the middle and front areas of the eyeball respectively, causing macular degeneration, cataracts, skin cancer and corneal sunbeam to name a few.

UVA & UVB Protection

The NHS website states that all children’s glasses should “meet the British Standard (BSEN 1836:2005) and carry the CE mark.”

This mark will either be noted on a sticker on the lens of the glasses themselves or will  be somewhere on the packaging. If this mark isn’t present then you should question the seller to find out if they have the correct protection built in.

Whilst it is important to ensure your children are wearing glasses, it can be easy to end up buying the wrong glasses to protect your children’s eyes.

Many beachside shops and smaller fashion stores create cute glasses with a children’s favorite characters on them which young people will be excited and willing to wear. But, these pairs do not always have adequate UV protection.

At SelectSpecs we stock various different pairs of children’s sunglasses, all of which have UV400 protection, but are also stylish and fun, meaning children will want to wear them. They also come in a range of prices, so that they are affordable for you.

Here are four pairs currently available on the Select Specs website:

Savannah Kids DHR8028

These fun, brightly coloured Savannah Kids DHR8028 sunglasses are polarized which give your child even more protection from the sun as its rays are reflected off the lenses. They come in two colours, pink and blue so your child has a choice of colours and they are just £17.00, meaning they are one of our most affordable pairs of protective glasses.

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Elle Kids EL18253

These sunglasses are an affordable designer option for your fashion conscious child. The Elle Kids EL18253 sunglasses come in four colours, pink, yellow, red and purple and feature a cute heart design on the arms of the glasses as well as the Elle handwritten logo. At just £28.80 a pair, they are a great, stylish option for older children.

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Cebe Junior Chouka (Age 0-1)

Very small children up to the age of one still need their eyes protecting from the sun. These Cebe Junior Chouka glasses are perfect for smaller children as they have a band which fits comfortably around the back of the child’s head, meaning they won’t fall off and will enable protection when out in the sun walking, or on the beach. These glasses are just £21.00 which, when you consider they will last up to 12 months is a fantastic price.

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Julbo Kids 462 Player Polarized

These dark blue sunglasses are perfect for older children and will help your son or daughter feel cool as well as ensuring that they are protected. The Julbo Kids 462 Player Polarized sunglasses help reflect the sun’s rays with their reflective coating, and with their cool shaped frames, they are sure to be popular with children this summer. These glasses are also currently on sale at just £48.38 a pair.

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