Fashion Through The Eyes of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s sense of style is as much a part of her identity as the music she writes. She’s had some notable looks over the past few years – who can forget the infamous meat dress?

In the early days, she stuck out from the mainstream look of cutesy pop princesses with her tiny bodysuits, crazy wigs, sunglasses, and penchant for platform heels.

Beetle wings, halos, and pyrotechnic bras are just some of the items found in the singer’s extensive wardrobe.

In recent years, Gaga has taken her craziness down a notch.

Demure dresses and Marilyn Monroe-style hair have played a part in her new image.

But, you can’t keep the old Gaga down for long – she still knows how to rock a diva look.

Regularly incorporating sunglasses as part of her wardrobe, we’ve rounded up a few of her best outfits to date.

Round Glasses

Round Glasses are very much in fashion at the moment.

Never one to miss a fashion trend, Lady Gaga is seen here looking classy in black and gold framed sunglasses.

Pairing the iconic sunglasses with a hat, Lady Gaga freshens up the look with a distinct autumnal vibe.

You can get Lady Gaga’s round frames and copy her look with the Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal frames.


As a part of Lady Gaga’s more demure appearance, the dark aviator frame gives the star a more grown-up look.

Seen in a recent Instagram picture, the star pairs a classic black aviator frame with just her body art and a chic looking hat.

As a result, she creates a simple yet bold look.

We expect no less from the star.

Rose Tinted Specs

She may be wearing a Starbucks uniform, but Lady Gaga knows how to rock that Starbucks uniform with style!

Seen in a recent Instagram picture supporting the #CupsofKindness campaign, Lady Gaga went for a practical look with swept back hair and a long sleeved top.

With minimal jewellery, toned down lipstick, and no tattoos on display, she takes her new role as a barista very seriously.

However, the one thing that gives her away is her stylish pink tinted sunglasses.

We knew you were in there somewhere, Gaga!

Do you like Lady Gaga’s rose tinted sunglasses?

You can get the look by putting on a pair just like the Michael Kors 0MK5017 KENDALL II style.


And the classic Lady Gaga look creeps back in.

Here, Gaga is seen going full diva and making a statement with her sunglasses.

Rocking a pair of large black frames with extravagant gold details on the side, Gaga is back up to her old tricks again with this pair of shades.

The star pairs the sunglasses with a sophisticated pinstripe number and a chic up-do hairstyle.

She lets her sunglasses steal the show with this look.

This recent look suggests that the artist is still keeping up with the sophisticated, demure appearance – but the old Gaga can’t help but creep in every now and again.

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