Travel Guide: Lake Como

Italy has got a number of outstanding landscapes which are famous all over the world for tourists and photographers eager to catch the perfect shot. Lake Como is without a shadow of doubt one of the most exquisite and beautiful places to go as it gives the impression of a peaceful place to stay and contemplate.

According to, lake Como is surrounded by high mountains and dramatic cliffs, so it’s quite different from other Italian lakes.

A narrow road runs up its western coast towards Switzerland and sits up high above the water, with the towns dropping down beneath it.

It seems like the gardens and houses are built as the ideal location to drink your coffee in the morning, and watch the miracle of nature right in front of you.

Alpine Beauty

Like every Italian city, Como is dominated by the main elements of Italian architecture influenced by the Renaissance, with narrow streets, columns or pilasters and 19th-century buildings.

The location of the lake in the region of Lombardia is one of the main reasons for its popularity as it is situated between Milan and the border with Switzerland, in the Alpine foothills.

This place is the perfect resort for couples who love to spend their holiday wandering all day long in the streets, trying Italian traditional dishes in the restaurants or their famous ice cream, known as gelato, always available on high street.

There is no better view than dinner at La Darsena, a top-rated option according to, as this restaurant offers you a balcony and the chance to relax and take pictures of the beautiful lights which surround the lake and the mountains.

Peace and relaxation

Apart from the city of Como, the area is surrounded by top class choices for a tourist in the mood for fresh air, water and relaxation, as you can visit Bellagio, Lecco, Menaggio or Tremezzo.

Don’t expect to find the noise and energy of Ibiza, as these places are not for the ones eager to party non-stop.

It is actually a destination for the peace of your soul. You will fall in love as there are so many attractions along the area of the lake; the third largest in Italy on the basis of lake surface, according to

With a surface area of 146 square km, it is no wonder why this spot is a famous resort for celebrities.

Como is also the home of a house owned by actor George Clooney.

I could stare at this view for hours! Too bad it was too cold to swim during my stay here at Lake Como 💦

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Sunny Resort

The scenery becomes idyllic at night when the lights are on and the restaurants and gardens vibrate.

People can take a walk alongside the lake or just sit on the benches and admire the greatness of the Alps. It actually creates the thought that you are at the mercy of the mountains as they unfold naturally.

Nonetheless famous for their exclusive hotels and Italian houses, the towns located near Lake Como are also a great solution if you love to get tan.

Don’t be disappointed because there is no beach, the pools of the hotels are designed to make you feel like a tourist in the Capri islands.

If you’re on high street or you just want to relax at a terrace with an espresso and your favorite book, don’t forget to put your A game on.

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Don’t overthink. The Alps are waiting for you!

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