Legendary Lessons from the Legendary Wayfarers


One of the most enduring fashion icons of 20th century, the Wayfarers are often referred to as the classic of modern design. This timeless style, revolutionary invented by Ray-Ban and endorsed equally by the celebs and ordinary people, has experienced a revival since the 2000s, and it seems that its success graph is only going upwards!

This model owes its unstoppable popularity to many members of past and present stardom who loved to sport it in all sorts of occasions. However, no one can deny its intrinsic, utter coolness. And in order to support this, the Ray-Ban crew came up with a series of short comics with a same message: Being awesome is not difficult at all…with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, of course!

Permeated by the youthful humor, these short graphic tips from the Ray-Ban will definitely convince you to put the smile on your face…along with a pair of rocking shades! Something like an original Wayfarer model seems legendary enough, right? ray-ban-original-wayfarer-at-selectspecs Or how about this piece of advice on getting a free haircut? Admit it; this is something that hasn’t come to your mind yet!

Now you only have to find a perfect pair of Wayfarer’s in order to look amazing. Does this RB2132 – New Wayfarer in red seems appealing enough to you? Even the Ray-Ban creatives are unanimous on a matter this color is “in” this season!


On the other hand, getting the last slice of cake has turned into a unique kind of ploy indeed!

The lesson is clear: every girl can look equally hypnotizing with a pair of classy prescription Wayfarers!


We’ve also realized that it’s quite easy to save money on your commute, now that we’ve seen this legendary suggestion from the Ray-Ban…

But sincerely yours, the Selectspecs must add: don’t forget to switch the roller skates with the ice skates when winter arrives!

What are your thoughts on these? Did you find them original and funny as we did? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the comment section below!

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