The Gentleman’s Fashion Files: Leonardo Di Caprio

If excellence meets greatness, then Leonardo di Caprio is the best name to describe this rendezvous. A complete artist with an impressive career in Hollywood which culminated with the highly anticipated Oscar award for the main role in The Revenant.

Leo’s theatrical skills can be described in so many ways, from extravagant to outstanding, from impeccable to diverse and from highly dramatic to pure art.

As a matter of fact, this is the way in which we can describe his style, a palette which combines fashion taste with a natural approach to design and styles.

An element which needs attention to detail and manipulation of outfits with ease.

Bow Tied

what an angel ✨

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As boring and average as it may sound, classic is a brilliant choice in terms of Leo’s formal style.

Even though you might be sick and tired of hearing this, a black suit and white shirt will always rock a gala event. There is no surprise he is a fan of neutral colors for suits.

But for di Caprio, it seems like a walk in the park to make a bow tie a fashion statement.

Let’s not forget how this element of clothing became a symbol of Di Caprio fashion since his first major appearance in a movie, Titanic. Good taste never dies.


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Although we can’t deny, a tie is always fashionable and he is an expert in manipulating this item as well. It doesn’t matter what age or location, Leo is flawless.


Summer Attire

Before the Flood: Leonardo DiCaprio hopes his new film will inspire climate action. * Part 2/2 "I get an email a day from Leo sending me an article, sending me something we should be doing (on climate change)", Steven says. "He gets very emotional and angry (on the issue)". But the actor is not an angry person, the director says, and it was vital that he did not come across as preaching to viewers in the film. * For Stevens, the two most visceral and shocking experiences making the film were visiting huge deforested areas of Canada's arboreal forests and Indonesia's rainforests, cleared for tar sands and palm oil developments respectively. * "Those two places… you feel like – that's when you just get dark, when you think fuck, how are we going to stop this, human beings are horrible. But then you're with a woman risking her life to stop it (a conservationist in Indonesia) and then you have hope." * Speaking during an interview with the Guardian just a few feet from the newly-enlarged Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, which Theresa May folded the Department for Energy and Climate Change into when she abolished it in July, Stevens is critical of the new UK government's stance on the issue. * "It's terrifying (the abolition). Cameron started out very promising but to me the one thing that freaked me out was he was cutting subsidies for solar, and that was a bad situation and the antithesis of the Paris climate talks. What she's doing seems to me even more dangerous, sending a statement to the world that 'we don't need an environmental minister'." (not the whole article) * Adam Vaughan, The Guardian 14 October 2016. * #leonardodicaprio #fisherstevens #barackobama #popefrancis #elonmusk #beforetheflood #nationalgeographic #climatechange #globalwarming #indigenouspeople #nativeamericans #animalrights #wildlife #cleanair #cleanwater #cleanenergy #humanrights #moralobligation #globalaction #savetheplanet

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When talking about his casual style, GQ points out some interesting aspects of Leo’s style:

The Oscar winning actor is a fan of style uniforms, and he’s very loyal to his favorite piece. So we’re stoked that his go-to summer shoes are a brand we can get behind. The slip on Leisure Shoes (their actual name) from French brand Rivieras are a slightly sportier version of an espadrille.

After all, you can steal his look, but Di Caprio’s mix between a polo T-shirt and chino shorts goes perfectly with the cap and shades.

 Apart from being fresh and modern, this is THAT type of an outfit which is ideal to wear when enjoying your summer holidays in a sunny location.

Flannel Shirt Addict

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Another part of his A-game is represented by a simple and quite stylish item: the flannel shirt.

A stylish and easy-to-wear piece which can always be combined with dark colored denim or tailored trousers. An accurate choice if you want to be casual and classic at the same time.


Shady Lenses

NEW! Leo out in New York, on april 27 #LeonardoDiCaprio #NewYork

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He is not a stranger of sunglasses. On the contrary, throughout his career, Leo impressed his fans with a fresh and cool look as his shades have always been fashion trends and must-have masterpieces.

This time, the actor chose an off-duty with a hoodie and his famous gray cap. But what is the add-on to the fairytale story?

A hardcore fan of Leo will wear Ray-Ban RB4171 ERIKA – VELVET EDITIONS to copy his spot-on look.

With mirrored lenses and a modern design with velvet black frames, this item can be your jackpot winning ticket if you go on the high street for a casual walk. Easy-to-wear and more than easy to buy – for only £80.74.

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