How To Live A Life You Love

It’s 6 am. The alarm goes off. You look outside. It’s sunny, clear and the sky is blue. Nothing can make your day any better, especially if you live in London.

You have your morning coffee, get dressed, get into your car or on your bike, put good music on and start your journey of a beautiful day.


1. Go Exercise

You go to the gym full of energy and enthusiasm,  you spot fit girls or guys, and the first muscle you start working on are your biceps.

Flex them as if you were Popeye with a Stallone’s look on your face.

You start sweating and get in the game; checking yourself in the mirror as if no one notices.

You finish your workout, feeling so good about yourself, then head to the sauna and show off your six pack to everyone in the pool along your way there.

Take a cold shower, and jump straight into the heated sauna.

The heat immerses your pores and you feel so relaxed.

Blood starts pumping oxygen to your muscles, and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

If you start doing the above routine 5 days a week you will feel your best.

Here’s why:

1) Because you are giving your body what it needs the most: which is exercise

2) You are rewarding yourself with the benefits of the sauna

3) You are getting in good shape

4) You can eat whatever you want

5) Your serotonin levels will sky rocket just by dedicating time for your mind and body

My favorite time of day is when I enter the sauna after a hard workout.

It’s like I have earned a 15 minute relaxation in a heated room.

You sit there dripping with sweat, your mind is free as a bird, you aren’t thinking, you just let go of everything, you are not worried, and all you are doing is enjoying the flow of blood and oxygen to every cell in your body.

You then face the reality of driving to work.

You meet people who will say good morning with sly smiles and others who turn their head away.

You then have your morning briefing, which to me is “quack quack” unless the team leader is genuinely involving everyone and making everyone feel valued.

Then the day rolls out as usual, and the 2:30 feeling hits you, you have your espresso and count the seconds until 5 o’clock.

You get home unwind and have some dinner.

Tip: in England people call their lunch & dinner: Tea.

They say, “What did you have for Tea last night?”

One time when I was working as a school teacher I asked a few kids, “Guys what time is lunch?”

Everyone looked at me as If I mentioned an un-mentionable word in public.


2. Morning Music

You should also make it a habit to start your day with Coffee and music.

This simple change can positively affect your everyday outlook.

It will make you happier.

Don’t be afraid about honk your horn at strangers and wave good morning to them with a smile.

Dance in the car on your way to work.

Do not think about anything except this very moment you are in.

Enjoy the music and cool wind blowing on your face.


3. Worry Less Of What Others Think

Don’t worry about people who don’t like you.

Think about it this way, anyone who doesn’t like you doesn’t like himself in the first place.

I think of myself as the most likable person on the planet.

This is what you should be thinking about yourself right now.

You are the most likable, approachable and happiest person on earth.

Trust me, if you think of yourself that way, the whole world will approach and like you and make you happy.


We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. -Buddha


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