#LifeinaPocket with Lacoste Foldable Sunglasses

Lacoste is a well-known brand with long tradition and celebrity reach, with a motto that says: Life is a beautiful sport – we can’t help but agree with this contention, especially if you’ve seen the latest Lacoste shades.

Just like their famous polo shirts, they’re an absolute must in everyone’s wardrobe but also boast utter coolness and durable trendiness, whilst the name behind the famous croc logo have just come up with a new eyewear campaign dedicated to their first foldable model, called #lifeinapocket.

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This model is characterised by a contemporary and dynamic look, designed with the modern man in mind.  As we all know every adventure requires nothing less than a pair of awesome sunnies and what’s better than a pair that can be packed quickly in your pocket (especially if you’re in the hurry to meet the gorgeous girls in the vintage silver convertible as seen in this awesome short video!) At Selectspecs, you will find this model under the number L778S. Lacoste-Sunglasses-foldable-L788S Available in three different colours including black above, matte black with blue lenses and matte blue, below. Lacoste-Sunglasses-foldable-L778S You will enjoy gradient or polarized lenses depending on the variation chosen but what’s also important is these shades are suitable both for the ladies and gents, which is one of the best advantages to the wayfarer model in general!

With the spontaneous sunshine we can expect from English weather, carrying a pair of sunglasses just in case is a safe and sure plan to keep yourself protected in the summer, not to mention a design that breathes the classic vibes! Casual and elegant, calm and dynamic, plain and chic – pillars in all Lacoste’s designs and not forgotten here.

Do you think this model is a contender against Ray-Ban wayfarers? Would you like to have it in your personal specs collection? We’d really like to hear it from you! Share your comments in the section below!

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