Linda Farrow Sunglasses on sale for £22,000


Finally, Summer looks like its about to swing into action and with everyone gearing up for a barbecue bonanza, there’s one accessory we drool over more than that cheese burger. We are of course talking about sunglasses.

After all, it speaks true to all of us fashion addicts out there. Whether you’re looking to compliment your wardrobe or searching for the perfect everyday pair, our sunnies make a real statement.

Some of us tend to take it that little bit further though and spend close to a near fortune on eyewear.  Yes, they may break at the drop of a metaphorical hat or you may end up leaving them somewhere.

But, fret not and focus on this for a minute. The good people at Linda Farrow have recently created a collection of sunnies with a signature model worth a staggering $32,000.

Linda Farrow Luxe


If you don’t have a currency converter to hand, that’s in excess of a cool twenty thousand of your British pounds. Home to some of the most exclusive eyewear in the world, Linda Farrow’s brand has created a host of incredibly ostentatious glasses.

The Queen of bling has taken expensive eyewear to the next level and beyond thanks to its latest partner affiliation. Working alongside Lane Crawford, a high end designer store based in Hong Kong, the label has three different sunnies to go goo goo over. Of the three glasses produced, the priciest pair comes in at over $30,000 – if you have that buried somewhere down the sofa.

But you’ll need much more than a few nickels to rub together to afford this cool offering. There’s really nothing shady about the materials either, which benefit from the finest 18 karat yellow gold.

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These particular sunnies also feature a wealth of jewels with an array of white diamonds as well as a unique gold lens, manufactured from 24 karat gold.

It seems that money really does talk. Yet, if you are looking for a more cost effective solution then the range has a cheaper version – we say that of course in the loosest possible term!

For around £9,000, or around $11,000, you can bag yourself a white gold lens model. Meanwhile the bottom end pair features a rose gold model which comes in at around the £6,000 ($8,700) mark.

Farrow has some impressive history with a number of different luxury collaborations such as Dries Van Notel. Ostentatious beyond measure, their site offers numerous aviators too in yellow gold not to mention platinum frames.

The World’s Most Luxurious Sunglasses

This exclusive trio of sunglasses are a mere drop in the eyewear ocean compared to the most expensive pair of sunnies. The honour for this specific award goes to luxury designer Chopard. Their De Rigo Vision sunglasses cost more than a whopping $400,000. With more diamonds than one of Liberace’s bejewelled costumes (54 to be exact), even HM Queen Elizabeth would go green with envy.


Chopard De Rigo Vision sunglasses

Unveiled by Farrow’s creative lead Simon Jablon, the main aviator style glasses with gold lenses have dazzled many from across the globe. According to the site, Jablon proclaimed;

Even though they’re very expensive. It’s somewhat value for money. You are buying gold, you are buying diamonds, the craftsmanship on top of the design and everything that goes behind it.

Whatever floats your boat.  So if you have managed to bag that thirty grand, how many pairs are actually available? Regretfully, you will have to move as fast Usain Bolt to grab these sought after sunnies. Lane Crawford only have the single pair to fight over – for a suitable price.

However, all is not lost just yet folks. Yes, you can breath a very deep sigh of relief as customers have the ability to tailor their designs accordingly. In addition to this, these super exclusive glitzy glasses will not be around for long either.

It turns out not only do the Lane Crawford store have just one pair of each model, but if you blink you may miss them. This is down to the fact that triple whammy of sunglasses are only being sold during the month of May only.

So which celebs might you find out and about in a pair of these sparkling sunnies? A few stars who have worked in conjunction with Linda Farrow include twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Rihanna. The latter has been seen wearing a variety of pairs on her peepers.

All that glitters it seems may well turn out to be gold. If you want to look the part for the Summer season, check out our scintillating new selection of sunglasses here (at a much cheaper price).

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