Linda Rodin: A Style Icon with Sassy Specs

Linda Rodin is a New York based stylist and founder of Rodin Olio Lusso who proves you can look amazing at any age. The 66 year old is well-known for her daring fashion choices and effortlessly cool style.

On her Instagram account, @Lindaandwinks, Linda regularly shares snaps of her and her beloved poodle, Winky. While Winky often steals the show, he has some fierce competition in the form of Linda’s fabulous eyewear. The fashionista always wears a pair of bold, statement specs, which is just one of the reasons we love her.

Take a look at five of Linda’s most legendary looks and find out how to recreate her style for yourself.

Bold and Black

First up, in this adorable picture of Linda and her sleepy pooch, we have one of her favourite looks which she wears on a regular basis. It’s easy to see why too, as this classic pair of glasses adds a timeless and elegant ‘je nais se quoi’ to her look.

Linda’s glasses feature bold, black frames made from glossy plastic in an over-sized style. Slightly pointed cat eye corners add a feminine touch to these quite masculine specs, which Linda pulls off with ease.

My little sleepy-head. @Hansneumann

A photo posted by Linda Rodin. @rodinoliolusso (@lindaandwinks) on


To recreate this iconic look, the Savannah 9199 will give you that statement edge. These glasses feature thick black frames as well as tinted lenses just like Linda’s pair.Wear them with a fashion-forward outfit (puppy accessory optional!) to emulate Linda’s amazing style.  

Savannah 9199 glasses


Circular Specs

We love that Linda doesn’t let her age define the glasses she chooses – she wears her statement specs with confidence. This chic pair of shades are so on trend right now and look amazing on her. They feature cool circular frames in black plastic with gold metal detail and tinted frames.

Another lovely lunch with the profoundly and always “tuned in” Kenneth Willardt.

A photo posted by Linda Rodin. @rodinoliolusso (@lindaandwinks) on

The Miu Miu UN 13NS, below, are almost identical if not the exact pair to Linda’s glasses. Get her look by pairing these fabulous glasses with black for an effortlessly stylish ensemble.

Miu Miu 13NS glasses

Retro Style

Next up, Linda shared another great glasses-based look with her Instagram followers, featuring these retro coloured frames which she certainly rocked. A little simpler than her usual style, they features oval-shaped frames in a fabulously flattering nude colour, which she accessorized with nude lipstick (and Winky of course).

Aaaaaah. The real and the faux! My darling winky! @vsmag. And @kennethwillardt for the lovely photo. Thanks from us both

A photo posted by Linda Rodin. @rodinoliolusso (@lindaandwinks) on


Get Linda’s vintage vibe with the JOOP Eyewear 87186 sunglasses. These sexy shades feature rounded frames and are finished in a similar nude colour.

JOOP Eyewear 87186 glasses


Timeless Tortoiseshell

As a fashion guru, Linda knows how to mix on-trend looks with timeless style. This next pair of glasses feature fashionable round frames but a tortoiseshell finish gives them a classic appeal that go with everything. In this photo, Linda adds a sassy edge to an all-white outfit with these stylish specs.

Feeling calm wearing white on white. @daniellakallmeyer.

A photo posted by Linda Rodin. @rodinoliolusso (@lindaandwinks) on

To get the look for yourself, check out the Tommy Hilfiger TH1187/S, which feature retro round frames finished in tortoiseshell, just like Linda’s.

Tommy Hilfiger TH1187/S

Statement Sunglasses

Finally, we have one of Linda’s most amazing looks. This Instagram photo shows her doing a spot of modelling and sporting a stunning pair of statement specs. These sunglasses feature round frames (a favourite style of hers) in an eye-catching shade of green. It’s an eye-catching look that suits her eclectic style to a T. As always, the fashion icon has perfectly complimented them with matching jewelry and contrasting lipstick.

While Linda is thought to have many of her glasses custom-made, if you’re looking for a similar style, we’ve found just the pair. The Gucci GG 3788/S are just as amazing as Linda’s originals, with retro-inspired round frames in teal.

Gucci GG 3788/S

So, what do you think of Linda Rodin’s spec-tacular style? Will you be taking inspiration from her iconic, fashion-forward looks?

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