Look Offbeat with Glasses this Wedding Season


Why not try something audacious this wedding season? Why not sport a pair of bold specs on your special day, and dazzle the crowd with your super-chic look? The bygone era is well beyond gone, so nobody’s going to punish you for that.

Take a peek at these pictures and don’t blame anyone else for changing your mind later.

The Classy Black Wayfarer

Wedding Couple

Image Credit: http://bridalmusings.com/

Pair your all white wedding dress and the beautiful pearl necklace with a swish black wayfarer. That’s a furious combo along with the blondish shades, with things only getting better if your man sports a similar kind of glasses.

This pair of classy wayfarer glasses Savannah 8121 is suitable for any occasion, and that doesn’t rule out your wedding day. This classic black rim along with the tiny silver studs will complement your white dress, reflecting the colour contrast.

Let the Prints Take Over

Bride in wedding dress

Image Credit: http://ellebay.com/

Let everyone go gaga over your printed brown specs and the creamy matte lipstick. A long wedding gown will aid your accessories even more. A small silvery nose ring will add to the cuteness.

The designer collection of Boss Orange brings yet another spectacular piece. With an adjustable hinge, this Boss Orange BO 0201 frame easily conforms to the shape of your face, thus enhancing your look in every way possible. The subtle prints make an absolute style statement; you and everyone else in the room will realise when you wear it on your wedding day.

Go Stylish with Oval-Shaped Glasses

Wedding Ceremony

Image Credit: http://pinterest.com

These glasses have never disappointed and neither will they on your wedding day, don’t listen to the haters if they tell you otherwise. Just go with it confidently and it’ll give them a free fashion lesson they can’t argue with!

The simple brown yet elegant glasses are a symbol of chasteness and modernity. There are people who embrace a lot of designs and carvings on their accessories, but this Hallmark E9823 spectacle is for those who stand out from the crowd, as the saying goes – “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Shades of Brown and Red

Bride in wedding dress - 2

Image Credit: https://comeramaredecorar.wordpress.com/

Who said pink is a feminine colour when you have the chance to show off your wing-shaped brown glasses in front of your guests?  Complement it with a darker shade of red lipstick, it’s simple, elegant and worth a thousand compliments (or even more!).

The ultimate chic glasses are not pink; they are available in all shades of black and brown. These Hallmark E9857 glasses will highlight slim faces and are made with utmost care, so comfort is a default!

Something Bright in All White

Bride in wedding dress - 3

Image Credit: www.thebrokeassbride.com

Bright eyes and a pair of semi-rimmed spectacles are a big YES, match it up with a bright wedding gown and you are good to go.

The Sirius F9425 is a wonder piece. The light purple hue brings the best in this half-rimmed spectacle, see the jealous ladies as you walk in with sheer style.

Compared to men, women are a bit on the unsure side when it comes down to wedding, maybe because they are not as confident. So girls, for once, try to restrain yourself from thinking, and get yourself a pair of chic glasses for your wedding. You are not going to regret this decision later!

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