Loom Bands Craze Hits Glasses!!


Both my 7 year old daughter and my mother have fully submerged themselves into this new craze of Loom Bands. I am pleased to see my daughter maintaining her attention span and producing such amazing bands and works of 3D art.  However, I am concerned that it has sent my mother, who is wholly addicted, slightly crazy!

Here is her latest invention that I wanted to share, so please share with like minded people.

Loom Bands for Prescription Glasses


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I must admit the lanyard on these P6185 Infinity Prescription Glasses is pretty cool and in fact I already have an order to give to my Mum on this one.  Personally,  I didn’t even know that light changing beads existed but they are looking great on this lanyard.  Not only that, Mum has made a matching bracelet – which only Mum could think of. 🙂

For those with a love for the Minion’s in Despicable Me you might wish to add these little creatures to your frames. Somehow, they are going down well with both the adults and children, (I can understand the latter)!

Here are the A9915 Infinity Prescription Glasses with their new look.


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Finally, for those that love a bit of sophistication and bespoke style here are the same frames but in Red/Black with an added touch of flower flair.


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Let me know if you would like to place an order for your very own bespoke Loom Band Lanyard!  Maybe I can turn my mum and daughter into a production line 😉

All these frames are available here (albeit without the additional loom band attachments 😉 ) .

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