Luxurious Destination: Santorini

Greece is the epitome of beauty when it comes to summer holidays. There are several reasons to visit this country, from its luxurious beaches to the clear water of the sea, from the outstanding views to its trademark buildings and houses which seem to transfer you in a different period.

You can enjoy their fresh food, their crazy parties or just the vibrant Greek community and after a week you will always dream of coming back to those places.

The pick of the day is a luxurious island with a diverse range of options for the summer addicts: Santorini.

Great poets have sung its praises, a 4.000-year-old history. And the eternal rock continues to stand, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding well the secrets of Atlantis…

This is the poetic description offered by the website, which promotes the magic of a trip to this idyllic island.

Let’s take a look at the reasons which might convince you that this summer can become perfect.

Stunning Beaches

 We all know that witnessing a sunset on the beach is more than a pleasure for the eyes.

It is one of those moments that will live forever.

And Santorini offers you some of the most unbelievable beaches, places you just dreamt of seeing in this lifetime.

The coastline of Oia is recommended for the ones who adore saying hello to the sun from the beach but there is more to see, as offers us a preview of the paradise:

Each beach has special characteristics, which make it unique and outstanding. The black shining pebbles, the unique land formations, the black, white and red sand, make up an unforgettable scenery. Most beaches are well organized offering the choice of lounging chairs, umbrellas, and various water sports.

Two of the most famous beaches are Perissa and Kamari, as they provide a unique view for the eye: black sand.

But this is not the only highlight of the island as you can visit the White Beach and Red Beach.


Volcanic Experience

We scaled an active volcano yesterday 'new burnt' and then went to swim in the hot springs 😍😳🌄

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If you thought the island is designed to please the tastes of tourists who love staying under the sun all day long, give it another thought.

It is actually a place to discover, an experience for the addicts for adventure and hiking.

The wild scenery generated by the volcano transforms Santorini into a land of choice for tourists as the sun doesn’t get exclusive attention. points out that:

 Back in 1450BC, a massive volcanic eruption caused the middle of Santorini to fall into the sea. It left a steep-edged crater known as a caldera peeping above the waves, which, today, is a spectacular sight from the island’s clifftops.

Now, isolated from the mainland and only reachable by boat, the volcanic area is your guarantee for a perfect photo.


Quality Entertainment

If you want to relax after a day at the beach or some adventurous trips, you can opt for live music at a bar alongside some traditional dishes and a good wine.

Also, clubs are an alternative if you’re looking for a crazy party with pop, dance or rock music.

You might assume an island is a quiet place during the day. Wrong.

It is actually a lovely place to enjoy, as there is loud music played on most of the beaches and fun is guaranteed for tourists.

If you’re hungry and your destination is the café bar or the restaurants, you might be tempted to try the olives and the Ouzo.

But, on top of this, what you must try is the Tomatokeftedes, which is known as tomato pancakes, a traditional food in Greece which is absolutely gorgeous.


Fantastic Lenses

With a challenge like Santorini, you need to be fully prepared as every detail counts.

And we now talk about sunglasses as your pair will be ready for summer and fun.

And we can send you to a classic option, as Ray-Ban RB3025 – Aviator – Large Metal – Flash Lenses.

With large mirror blue lenses, there is no room for error.

Flawless, with metal thin frames, this product will transform your summer in Greece into a fairytale.

The perfect review is the proof, the brand is the certainty. This is your pair for Santorini’s magic.


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