Makeup Basics 101

Makeup has been used for thousands of years dating as far back to the ancient Egyptians. Not only used to enhance beauty, but for boosting confidence, looking the part for interviews or staying in character.

Makeup is best enjoyed when applied as desired, whether it be a minimal, natural look or heavy glam contouring session.

Ultimately, what makes you comfortable is most important.

Shops are saturated with various types of makeup, and it may be a good idea to get the 101 on what products are out and what each is used for.

Here are some of the most widely used types of Makeup.

Makeup For Eyes

Eye Primer – This cream will keep your eyeshadow in place.

Mascara – Apply some mascara to define and elongate your lashes

Eyelash Curler – The curler will keep your eyelashes curled and lengthened

Eyelash Adhesive – The adhesive will help you keep your false eyelashes in place on a night out.

Eyebrow pencil – Eyebrow pencils are used to color and define the brows

Eyebrow Wax – Used to keep eyebrows shapely. Apply wax to remove any unwanted hair around the eyebrow.

Eyebrow Powder – Helps harden the skin after the removal of unwanted hair around the brows. Prevents the skin from developing sores.

Makeup For Lips

Lipstick – Gives colour to lips

Lip Gloss – As the name implies, lip gloss will give your lips a glossy look.

These affordable unisex sunglasses will blend in, regardless of the colour of your makeup:

Face Makeup

Concealer – Great for hiding and minimizing colored facial spots, scars, and saves so much time on those stressful days when time is limited.

Foundation – Foundation is similar to a mask. It smoothens out those flaws mentioned above and covers blemishes, making your skin tone evened out. Coming in powder and liquid form.

Face powder – Holds the foundation in place and minimizes face shine.

Blush – Great for highlighting cheek bones

These affordable Ray-Bans will look cool and sophisticated over well applied makeup.

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Wear subtle makeup that caters to all skin tones.

Choose those colours that suit your face.

It is important to spend sufficient time applying your makeup to prevent concealer from smudging your glasses.

Wearing customized makeup colors will enhance your appearance, and make your specs stand out.

Want more makeup ideas? Get inspired here

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