Mariah Carey Snuggles With Her Gorgeous Lambs


Nobody can say that Mariah Carey isn’t making her gorgeous lambs happy, and you certainly can’t say they don’t look gorgeous cuddled up here with their mummy. Mariah’s fans have been known as ‘lambs’ so this picture of her two favourite fans was extremely popular when Mariah shared it with her other ‘lambs’ on Instagram.

Me and dem #lambs

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

These lambs are Mariah Careys gorgeous four year old twins, Monroe and Moroccan in their cuddly and fuzzy onesies, all tucked up warm and ready for bed. As you can see Mariah has a lot of love to give to her little lambs, with her arms wrapped round them, all snuggled up and smiling for the photo.

Well, Mariah is certainly beaming while Moroccan looks a bit quizzical but Monroe certainly takes after her mother with her head tilted and a lovely smile for the camera. Monroe has certainly got her mother’s great looks with her raven curls peaking out under her hood and her big beautiful eyes behind the super cute glasses.

What is that makes her gorgeous daughter Monroe look so adorable? Is it the raven curls, the cute grin, the snugly lamb onesie or could it be the glasses? Personally, we think it’s the glasses that make Monroe look so adorable, instead of opting for typical children’s glasses with cartoon characters on, Mariah has opted for a pair of glasses that have a similar style to adult glasses. They’re really stylish and trendy and on a young child like Monroe they just ooze cuteness, like a little girl wearing her mum’s high heeled shoes for the first time, or a baby boy stepping into his father’s work shoes.


A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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Do you think children should have ‘children style’ glasses with characters and bright coloured or do you think Mariah has got it right with these adult style children’s glasses?

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