Matching your hair colour to your glasses!

Whilst matching your make-up to your glasses can be a winning combination (as discussed here), there’s a vital secret weapon that’s easily missed and which anyone can use to their advantage – your hair colour.  Hair colour, natural or dyed, can be an important factor when deciding the right frames to suit you without spending extra on a new mascara or eyeshadow.  With that in mind here’s a few pointers on which frames will suit you and your barnet.


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If you’re a brunette you’ll already know the many variations of your famous sultry mane.  One brown doesn’t fit all so we’ve cut this down and got to the real nitty gritty to suit every shade.

Light Browns:  ladies on the lighter side of brown should avoid very dark colours and instead should be more daring by going for warm shades like a fiery red, creamy whites or an emerald green.  A bronze would also compliment you well here.

Dark Browns:  those of you on the dark side are more likely to have warmer tones running through your hair.  Good news if you’re a girly girl, because pink can be your best friend here, but for those who aren’t then don’t shy away from black frames, providing they’re not too heavy, or blue and yes even purple!  Like the gorgeous mauve Morgan frame we have available here or the delectable Infinity A1202 frame at just £29.50 found here.  As for metals, you could rock an antique silver.

Black: these lucky ladies have free reign of metallics, that’s the good news, but the bad news is you may be more restricted with colour.  Try these Infinity 2083 frames for a bit of both available here. Steer clear from bright colours, unless you want a big impact and avoid any ashy, washed out colours which won’t do any favors either.  Typical black frames can look good, but dark tortoise, blues and other saturated colours can look even better.


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The golden bombshell will always be a classic look, whether you were born with it or it was out of a bottle.  Blondes can definitely have more fun when it comes to choosing the right frames for them, if they go by the following advice.

Honey/bronze blondes: if your blonde has a warm tone, which usually means it’s on the darker side of blonde, then you can rule the roost with warm shades like coral, green and especially red like a pair of frames by Icon (find out more here).  Metallics wise; go for gold.

Platinum/cool blondes: we’re talking to the blondest of the blonde and any Marilyn Monroe wannabes.  Do reach out for black, blue or pink frames, turn away from any yellow or gold undertones, for obvious reasons.  Try these Antares Pink & Clear frames here, they are extremely versatile.


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Redheads are already blessed with natural vibrancy that can work a number of colours and metals to their advantage many other hair colours can’t.  Brown and tortoise colours, especially a Univo pair on sale through our website (also a bargain for under £50) are a great contrast to show off your hair’s natural redness that will match your eye colour too.  Other colours to suit are reddish browns and greens, or gold and copper if you want to stick to the metallic side.


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Ladies who embrace their silver streaks are not forgotten about here.  All variations of grey are an excellent canvas to wear bright and clean colours like navy, a creamy black (like onyx), a cherry red or warm turquoise.  Going for a contemporary frame would also enhance your features, like this pair by Podium (more information here), or this Claudia Schiffer by Rondenstock frame which can be seen here.


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