Men’s Sunglasses Guide: What Sunglasses Suit Your Face?

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape can be a difficult task. With so many pairs of shades available online, not only do you have to consider style, colour and price but you’ve also got to think about what frame will suit your face shape.

To avoid that heartbreaking moment when you find a pair of shades you LOVE but when they arrive in the post discover they do not suit you at all, we’ve drawn up this guide to help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit you.

Face Shapes


If you’ve got a round face a pair of rectangular frames will work best for you, adding definition to your soft features and lengthening your face.

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Try the popular Ray-Ban RB2132 new wayfarer frames.

These sunglasses have cool crystal green lenses and are a little bigger than the original RayBan wayfarers, which is perfect for adding extra definition to your face. You can pick up these shades at SelectSpecs now for £80.74.


If you’ve got an oval-shaped face you are one lucky guy. Pretty much any frame will suit you. Feel free to experiment with lots of different styles but always go for a pair of oversized shades. Larger frames will add more definition to your face and accentuate your lovely features.

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Try The SS Collection S8256 shades in Black. These frames are oversized, have cool metal detailing on the temples and are available at SelectSpecs for only £11.25 – what a bargain!


When choosing a pair of sunnies for an oblong-shaped face, avoid narrow frames and always go for a pair of oversized shades.

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The bold Karl Lagerfeld KL869S frames in black are super flattering and will help balance out your features. These edgy shades are available in 4 colours at SelectSpecs for £124.49.


If you have a square-shaped face a pair of classic aviator shades will suit you best. The teardrop shape and slim temples will help to soften your strong features plus you’ll look effortlessly cool in these sunnies.

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Go for the laid-back look with the Ray-Ban RB3026 shades that feature gold detailing and crystal lenses. These frames are available in 2 colours at SelectSpecs now for £87.


If you’ve got a triangular-shaped face go for a pair of top-heavy frames to balance out your features.

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Horn-rimmed shades are a huge sunglasses trend this year and a pair of the PLD 1012/S frames will both compliment your face shape and create a retro-inspired look. You can get these shades at SelectSpecs for only £48.20 – win!


With a heart-shaped face, you want a pair of shades that are wider at the bottom to compliment your jawline.

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Try the Persol PO0714 shades in Black, available at SelectSpecs for £214.32  (psst. these are the exact sunglasses that Daniel Craig wore in Spectre!)

Not sure what shape your face is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Have a read of our 4 easy ways to figure out your face shape for glasses.

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