Men’s Sunglasses Trends for SS16

mens sunglasses trends 2016 ss16

When it comes to the summer months, shades are the finishing touch to every outfit and they belong in the repertoire of every well-dressed man. But you knew that anyway, right?

The likelihood is, you’ve got a trusty pair of frames that you’ve had for years (what can we say, classics last forever) but you’re probably yet to find the one that fully embraces your style personality.

Unlike the old days when men’s accessories didn’t matter (before Men’s Fashion Week and male fashion bloggers) and there was only ever a choice of aviators or wayfarers or aviators or wayfarers, the market today offers so much variety in style, design and colour features.

Keep those classics close by all means (we all need a fallback) but if you’re after something a bit different this summer, check out some of the top men’s sunglasses trends for SS16.

Retro Sports Luxe

One of the biggest trends of the year has to be retro sports luxe, something which we’ve seen Carrera absolutely nail for SS16. It’s been their 60th birthday recently so they’ve launched an awesome campaign with Jared Leto, focused on creating unique and iconic eyewear styles for life’s most influential mavericks – including artists, musicians or anyone who stands out from the crowd.

If you love the sporty retro look, these Carrera NEW CHAMPION sunglasses are bang on. And they come in 17 different colours too! retro sunglasses trend men ss16

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Flash Lenses

Flash lenses are everywhere this year. Not only do mirrored lenses help to reduce glare, give you brighter vision and offer better wear and tear than normal lenses, but they look awesome too. And with the choice of colours and styles being pretty much infinite, you’ll never run out of frames to try.

For high quality flash lenses to dress to impress, try these Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin sunglasses which come prescription ready and in 5 different designs.

men's sunglasses trends 2016 mirror flash

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The One Piece 

Testing the new #AirbrakeK9. Coming in 2017. #AprilFoolsDay

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The one piece lens is pretty revolutionary – offering seamless vision and full coverage for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. If you run, walk, cycle, train, climb, hike or do anything that demands movement, the one piece lens will offer more than just added style to your wardrobe; it will give you all the practical benefits of a ski goggle.

Get the look for SS16 with the Oakley OO9308 EVZERO PATH sunglasses, which have been designed for multi-sport use. men's sunglasses trends 2016

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Round Aviators

A classic silhouette with a modern twist #masterthelight #bosseyewear A photo posted by HUGO BOSS (@hugoboss) on

The round aviators may be a favourite look for the hot Hadid sisters and other female supermodels, but it’s not just for the girls. Fellas, the round aviator is just as coveted in men’s fashion and they look great with most face shapes too.

So shop the look with these BOSS Hugo Boss 0777/S round aviator sunglasses – choose from 5 classic colourways that will look great all year round. round aviators trend men hugo boss

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The D Frame 

The D Frame is a manlier take on the classic wayfarer. Everyone loves a wayfarer frame so this style just feels like a natural progression. Defined by a straight edge along the top of the frame front and deep lenses for full coverage, the D Frame is a strong, bold look for dudes who mean business.

These stylish and floatable Dragon frames combine geometric appeal with flash lenses for added awesomeness and they’re versatile enough for outdoors sports, music festivals or just everyday wear. Shop the Dragon DR FAME 2 sunglasses now.

D frame sunglasses trends men 2016

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