Mont Blanc and Marcolin: together through the thick and thin

German house Mont Blanc has been known for generations as the maker of sophisticated and high quality writing utensils. However, they have become a big name in a wide range of exclusive and luxury products such as leather goods, belts and eyewear.

It has been announced this week Marcolin eyewear group has just renewed its license agreement for the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of all Mont Blanc eyewear. Their partnership began in 2001 and this is the second time they’ve agreed to continue working together since.

The Mont Blanc glasses collection includes an extraordinary range of contemporary styles. The brand takes pride in creating exquisite eyewear the old-school way, as it’s shown on the clip below.

Today, we want to celebrate this wonderful deal showcasing some of their most elegant yet affordable eyewear models.

Mont Blanc MB0541


The Mont Blanc MB0541 are a pair of very distinctive glasses with an iconic and refined style. They are the purest example of timeless charisma and could fit in perfectly in the next James Bond movie with Daniel Craig. They are available in black and are just below £200!

Mont Blanc MB0477


These glasses are a true classic with their acetate square-shaped frame and their gracious decoration at both temples. The Mont Blanc MB0477 is a universal accessory which suits equally informal and formal looks. They are available in three more colours and guys, you can be sure of never go unnoticed regardless of which one you choose.

Mont Blanc MB0431


I love this pair because it is so versatile and cool! These glasses will look as good on vintage lovers and hipsters as they will on dressed up gentlemen. Like all Mont Blanc glasses, the MB0431 have also been made to the utmost quality and the aviator-styled frame gives them an outstanding air of contemporary refinement.

If you want to see more striking models like the ones above, please visit the wide Mont Blanc range available at SelectSpecs and don’t forget to tell us which ones you chose!

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