Mont Blanc Eyewear: Their Best Sunglasses

How many times have we looked for the perfect and elegant look and gave up halfway because things didn’t add up? Going from ordinary to intriguingly elegant is a big step, and you need to take care of every small detail.

And if by any chance you have anything put together but the sunglasses, there’s no need to panic.

You might already be in love with the classic pieces of jewelry and accessories designed by Mont-Blanc, but have you wondered how you would look with Mont-Blanc eyewear?

Well, Gentleman 101 starts now, and you have front row seats for the first course.

So, buckle up your seat belt.


High-calibre Aviators

No, you’re not dreaming.

These Aviators came straight from heaven as the Mont Blanc MB645S stun with an accurate mix of lenses, bridge, and temples.

Mirrored lenses and a metal bridge combine with the stylish temples to make this pair the #1 Grand Slam of Aviators.

With the logo engraved on the temples and the beautiful juxtaposition of metal and plastic, you end up with a magnificent product.

Talk about Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Well, you might become his clone with the aid of this item.

Mont Blanc MB645S



Looking to rock fashion trends this season?

Go for full rimmed sunglasses or Havana frames.

Simply choose Mont Blanc MB654S as they’re going to break the ice in style at any outdoor activity.

A gentleman will always accessorize with the most up-to-date shades.

Fashionable is the most common word if we refer to this masterpiece.

Mont Blanc MB654S


Subtle Summer Look

You don’t need 24K Magic if you’re addicted to simplicity.

Undoubtedly, your style is defined by hidden elegance and Mont Blanc MB693S will fit your fashion tastes.

The round-shaped lenses give you stylishness and comfort while the vintage frames are designed for a perfect underground getaway.

Matte dark green is the ideal color for a gentleman who thrives for a round of applause from his competitors.

Once again, you put metal and plastic on the same table; the fashion result is worth 5 stars.

Mont Blanc MB693S


Delightful Wayfarers

All-rounders are hard to get, but these Wayfarers designed by Mont-Blanc are just the perfect match for a cool and elegant look or for an off-duty fashion statement.

Mont Blanc MB646S has a unique and individualized design as every detail makes it a must-have product.

The all black design generates a suave fashion vibe as it is completed by the highly-protective rectangular lenses.

Modern and catchy, these shades won’t look good if they are not taken out for a walk.

Mont Blanc MB646S



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