Moshi Monsters: Theme Glasses For Kids

The mention of Moshi Monsters conjures up the image of cartoon-like characters in eye-popping colours.  They’ve invaded the virtual space since April 16, 2008. And they’re over 100 million registered users from over 150 countries. The target audience is between ages 5 and 12 years old.

It’s an online platform where kids from around the world come together to play by adopting, customizing and caring for virtual pets or species such as Diavlo, Luvli, Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer and Furi.

On this platform, you also solve puzzles to earn yourself a reward or virtual currency called Rox.

Some of the merchandises from Moshi Monster includes toys, magazine, video games, books, membership cards just to name a few.

Any fan of Moshi Monster in need of optical lenses would love to have them as they look so vibrant.


A cat-like monster with bulging blue large eyes. On each side of the face are a set of whiskers. Her two arms are dark pink and the hands are light pink including the circles on her body.

The child that loves all things pink and isn’t afraid to show it would love to adore her eyes in these bright coloured frames.


The character Diavlo is always in red and black colours. He’s hot-tempered, outgoing and always demanding attention.

A feisty character that likes to complain about just anything such as food not cooked to his liking. Eventually, he’ll decide to cook himself and end up burning the meal on his hot head and eating with delight.

His head looks like an active volcano, which is an accurate reflection of his feisty personality.

Diavlo is a unisex spectacle and therefore boys and girls alike would love to wear their favorite character. The prescription glasses are very nerdy looking in a clever way.

Having glasses in black frames with the Diavlo character on the temples is very striking.



Luvli looks like a cherry-shaped head, covered in gorgeous pink. And on top of her head is a green stem stalk sticking out and two stars perched at the tip.  S

he also has two wings which look like those of an angel. Luvli is a playful and cheeky pet. She has an easy-going personality and is very conscious of her image.

Don’t like pink or black? Let’s hope that you adore the blue glasses. The style is like that of Poppet and Diavlo.

The colour combination of navy blue, light blue at the temple tips and lilac on the frames are all in equal proportion –  none of the colours overshadow each other.



Zommer has thick, long and untidy hair featuring many shades of purple from head to toe. You can’t miss the bulging eye, missing eye, bucked teeth and ragged clothes.

Zommer can be summed up in four words – jovial, fun, welcoming and easy-going. He’s very imaginative and loves to play guitar.

A mixture of eye-popping colours such as bright blue, yellow and black prove that wearing glasses can be fun. And what could beat having your favourite Moshlings with you at all time?

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The main character is Katsuma from the Katsuma species with a Nintendo 3DS game named after him called Katsuma Unleashed.

A self-centered, fame hungry, wannabe movie star character. For those looking to add just a dash of pink on the inner temples will love to have the Katsuma glasses.

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