Mountain Biking Essentials

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is an up and coming sport on the rise. It’s exciting, fun, and gets you outdoors. Formally the domain of only men, mountain biking has recently had an explosion of girls and women who want to get involved in the extreme sport, with many women-only clubs and social groups opening up around the country. Take a look here to find some trails near you.

Mountain Biking is basically off-road cycling, on man-made and natural trails, often with plenty of hills and downhill runs.

For those who have been riding a while, there is the option of doing jumps and stunts, plus timed trials and competitions. Obviously, this is a sport which you need to be well equipped for.

If you fail to wear the proper gear, you could get seriously injured if something goes wrong.

Take a look below at the top essential pieces you need if you’re going to start biking, as demonstrated by some of the women who love the sport. Don’t get started without this equipment.

1. A Mountain Bike

Okay, I know this is obvious, but you need a mountain bike to be able to go on trails.

I didn’t realize this the first time I went mountain biking, and instead used a bike which was more suited for the road.

As a result, I couldn’t get any grip and ended up sliding over and injuring myself when I was hurtling down a bend at top speed.

You need tires that allow you to grip to mud and leaves and grass – don’t go for the hybrid option, these will not be suitable for trails.

You have three options when it comes to mountain bikes:

  1. Hardtail
  2. Rigid
  3. Full-suspension

Go to a specialist biking shop and discuss with the experts which is the best option for you. You will also need to get the right size of bike, so don’t be tempted to buy online unless you know what you’re doing.

2. A Helmet

This is so obvious, but it needs to be in this list. You NEED a helmet.

Even if you think you’re being really careful and not going too fast, if you fall off your bike you could seriously injure yourself.

You don’t need to get a full face helmet like World Record holder and World Champion Rachel Atherton here, but you need to get a properly fitted helmet from a specialist bike-shop.

A helmet should not wobble around on your head. It should be secure with the chin strap fitting snuggly.

3. Sunglasses/Eye Protection

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It is strongly recommended that you take some form of eye protection with you when you hit the trails.

This could be in the form of sports sunglasses or even goggles (the latter essential if you are taking part in downhill or doing stunts).

They will stop dirt and debris from entering your eyes, and will protect them from harmful UV rays. Sports sunglasses feature special grip material on the temples and nose bridge, preventing them from slipping down your face when you are riding along.

The Bolle Tigersnake wraparound sunglasses would be the perfect pair to buy. They feature anti-slip material and 100% UV protection, to keep you safe and looking cool on the trails.

Bolle Tigersnake

Bolle Tigersnake

4. Cycling Gloves

Buying some padded cycling gloves would be a very sensible thing to do before starting mountain biking.

If you come off your bike at top speed, you will inevitably put your hands down on the floor. If you’re not wearing gloves, you will end up seriously grazing the palms of your hands.

Gloves with grip will also help you to hold onto your handlebars, and will prevent blisters from heavy gripping from forming on your hands.

5. Comfortable & Breathable Clothing

What you wear when you go mountain biking is completely up to you, and any sports or gym clothing would be acceptable.

Make sure whatever you wear though is light, breathable and comfortable. You don’t want to worry about modesty or being too hot when you’re in the middle of flying down hill.

Shin pads and elbow pads would be a great idea too, to prevent any nasty grazes when you inevitably fall off.

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