Mulder and Scully: The Shades We Believe in

After a 14-year break, the X Files are back! After the very announcement of its return to the screen, fans around the world are already ecstatically anticipating the premiere of the new season, even though the shooting of it has only just started.

According to the media, the cult series returns in January 2016, with the opening episode titled My Struggle.

Apart from the obvious reasons why we’re awaiting the premiere, we are especially happy to see Mulder has a new asset – a pair of shades! No doubt they will be a great ally in solving mysteries.

Now, let’s take a minute and see what Mulder and Scully have been doing all these years they weren’t searching for the truth out there.

Gillian was pretty busy, starring in several films, but also popular TV series, including Crisis, Hannibal, and Robot Chicken.  She was spotted many times in the 90’s, and even into the 00’s, sporting rimless sunglasses with tinted lenses.

Although many think this style was buried in the 90’s, brands like Bvlgari are still producing similar styles in the vain one day this look will come back.


As for David, well, I think it’s safe to say we all agree his biggest role was the infamous Hank Moody from the planetary hit Californication.


As you all remember, Hank was a great lover of shades, with the above photo of him wearing a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers with thick dark arms, a contrast against the light colour rim.  In fact, we’ve got a pair quite similar:


With it’s Original Wayfarer design, the spotted havana detail adds that extra texture if you’re looking for something a little different than the widely popular all-black Ray-Ban design.  You can find plenty of these at Selectspecs.

Hank’s second option was frequently dark, rectangular-shaped shades, with lenses which weren’t particularly big, something similar to popular models in the 90’s.

In case you dig these, you’re going to love Persol’s PO2747S Polarized sunglasses, complete with the classic Persol arrow detail down the arm.


Finally, the very actor admitted that during the shooting, he mostly wore Persol and Ray-Ban to hide the effects of Hank’s indulging life, so it wouldn’t do any harm for you to check their offer. Perhaps you’ll find something David didn’t.

Don’t you also think a pair of shades would add to Mulder and Scully’s character too? Which models do you see them in? Share your thoughts with us via social media or in the comments section bellow.

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1 Comment

  • Dan says:

    I could see Mulder in one of the Tom Ford aviator frames, maybe the Marco in a Gunmetal oppose to the more brighter color combinations.
    Scully would look great in the Oliver People’s Aero size 54 frame in a Rose Gold color. I think that style would fit her great!

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