Netflix & Chill: TV Show Fashion

Is binge watching your weekends away your usual M.O.? If Netflix and chill is a way of life for you whether alone or with a significant other, you might enjoy some fashion advice from the heroes on your TV screen.

Game of Thrones

You may be thinking, it’s a given; you are GOT obsessed, but don’t exactly want to have disheveled hair and wear furs.

Let’s take a look at some styles inspired by this epic production and the actors in it.

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Emilia Clarke

Everyone is either in love with Khaleesi or wants to be her, or a mixture of both.

With Emilia Clarke’s quirky, endearing personality off screen (as seen in the picture above), she is just as lovable as the character she plays. Her fashion sense however, is classic and clean cut for events, yet crisp and casual day to day.

Stick to structured dresses, tailored pants or simple tops for evenings out.

When running errands or daytime antics, stick to  those trusty dark wash skinny jeans and neutral yet feminine shirts. The classic theme continues into accessories with tortoise shell sunnies, un-embellished bags and shoes in muted tones.

Take on the world Khaleesi style in a pair of these:

Maisie Williams

Youthful and strong willed. Only two of the noteworthy attributes of Ms. Williams her fashion speaks to. She believes in being rather edgy and carefree.

From floral dresses to graphic tees, Maisie is nothing but her unadulterated self.

Whether your are opting for the unconventional hair colour, facial piercings or girly, fun side of this star, don’t forget to be yourself.

Oh and it can’t hurt to shield your eyes from your own brilliance with a pair of these bad boys:

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Impeccably put together individuals are abundant in this particular legal drama. Learn how to embody the style of THE Harvey Specter himself below.

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Gabriel Macht

Who doesn’t want to be suave and put together while oozing charm and confidence?

Think tailored, good fabrics. Less is more and classics never go out of style. It doesn’t have to be as pricey, bargain spotting is an art form and quality over quantity should be your new mantra.

A capsule wardrobe of carefully picked staples: pencil skirts, cigarette trousers, crisp shirts and fitted blazers. You’re on your way to being a powerhouse in any meeting room.

Accessorise with structured bags and let your heels do most of the talking. Just don’t go too over the top!

Squinting is never attractive, so set yourself up with some character inspired specs here:

Orange is The New Black

Given, a show based mainly in a women’s prison isn’t really riddled with enviable fashion (unless you like orange), but the characters in this particular series have a way of making even an orange jumpsuit their own.

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Laura Prepon

A little winged eyeliner never hurt. Paired with menswear inspired pieces, a flowy button down shirt, your favourite pair of jeans and if you dare, maybe even some suspenders. Bring out that eyeliner with some over-sized glasses.

Accessorise with a pair of oxfords (great in metallic) and your choice of backpack or satchel in matching hues.

One of these must haves to check off your list:


Rugged, street fashion and thrift shop finds can result in a rather effortless “I woke up like this” style. Who better to show us how it’s done than the natural beauty, Emmy Rossum.

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Emmy Rossum

All things distressed or faded, cut-off jean shorts are a favourite, paired with worn soft tees.

Barely there makeup is functional and fast, and combat boots go with nearly everything. Throw on a parka if it’s chilly, and don’t bother trying to tame unruly hair, let it flow free.

If the sun is shining, a pair of cool and casual shades keep you protected while adding a touch of mystique.



A tweed deerstalker and a pipe would be the easy way to get this look. Now keep an open mind about the tweed, but let’s incorporate some of this iconic style into our lives below.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Think patterns here, whether it be tweed, hounds-tooth or herringbone. Texture adds subtle detail and gives depth to your clothing choices.

A trench coat and knotted scarf keep you warm. Stick to supple leather accessories, be it gloves, shoes, or bag. Muted tones of grey and navy are ideal.

Throw on the hat of your choice (perhaps a wool or felt fedora) and observe intricate clues with the help of some RayBans.

How to Get Away with Murder

Not only is it an “edge of your seat” drama, the actors are always clothed in enviable attire. From lecture hall to court room, their outfits are invariably on fleek.

Karla Souza

Part activist wanting to save the world, part privileged, well groomed law student.

Layering is a recurring theme here. A cardigan over a shirt, a button up sweater over a dress, or just layering chunky necklaces. Bold eyebrows and lips and a somewhat preppy feel to the overall look. Mixing reds with darker shades and interesting accessories. A pop of colour in a fairly monochromatic wardrobe. Some peep toe boots and a pair of dark shades finish off this eclectic- preppy style.

The Big Bang Theory

This comedic sitcom brings together the intellectual prowess of physicists, with the awkward social skills of geeks & nerds.

The style here incorporates granny-chic with prepubescent superhero obsessed.

Mayim Bialik

The Amy Farrah Fowler uniform consists of conservative dresses over tights with a cardigan for safe measure. Sometimes opting for a sweater vest over a shirt and skirt combo.

Granny chic style includes florals and vintage pieces, mixed with select statement accessories. Get your statement accessory here:

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Can’t get enough of GOT’s Maisie Williams? Get more fashion inspiration here.

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