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Can you think of a pair of sunglasses that are environmentally friendly, hand-made, unique and at a price which doesn’t make your eyes water?

No?  Well we know not many people give a second thought whether their sunglasses are environmentally friendly or not, but the more we become aware through our now daily routines like recycling and reusable bags (down with plastic!) then the more it gets us thinking why aren’t sunglasses more green?  (No, we don’t mean green in colour.)


Our new brand of Arbor Sunglasses are completely hand-made, like many big name designers, but from Bamboo.  Even the case is an uniquely etched Bamboo cylinder case, both boasting a completely unique product as no two frames will feature the same wood grain pattern, because after all nature is its own artist.

Why bamboo?  It’s not just panda’s that love it; the wood is strong, yet lightweight and a highly sustainable and durable material.  Phew, try saying that one quickly.

Okay, so now we’ve got that bit out of the way we hope you’re not imaging these sunglasses to be square, wooden and just not stylish, because you’d be wrong.  We currently have six different frames all with popular sunglass designs.


For example, the FX-20 model (above) is highly reminiscent of a original wayfarer.  Ray-Ban have brought out wooden editions in the past, but we hope this one brings a slightly different edge to a much-loved classic.  Perfect for summer festivals, sipping on cider and relaxing on the grass.

Looking for something with more of a vintage feel?  The FX-19 (below) boasts a very light, almost white/cream colour, reminding us of those chic white rimmed sunglasses that came out of the sixties.  Imagine being whisked away on the back of a moped into the sunset, ahh yes we can dream too. Still, exploring a foreign city on a weekend break and this pair could still add that bit of glamour.


Finally the price, all frames are £59 which include UV protected, glare resistant lenses too, so not only are they friendly on the environment but pretty pal-y on your budget too.

All lenses are polarized too, which means they use filters to block UV light – does that sound too technical?  Think of wet road surfaces and the glare you get from sun shining down on these, polarized lenses dramatically cut down on this and should be perfect for any day, on any beach.

Like the look of our new brand?  Check them out further here and let us know what appeals to you the most in the comments section below!

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