New Year’s Resolutions: Spectacle Style Rules to Stick to In 2016

New year, new everything. If you’re going out with a guy who doesn’t buy you flowers or take you out at least once a week, get rid. If you’re wearing unattractive sports bras with holes in them, throw them in the bin. If you’re still rocking that scraggly beach mane since your holiday to Ibiza, chop it all off. It’s time for a change. And if you’re still wearing the same battered spectacle frames that you’ve been wearing since GSCE Maths, it’s time to re-evaluate a few things in your wardrobe.

2016 is just around the corner so let’s fast forward ahead to spring / summer and see what’s hot for the coming season. If you’re in need of a fashion overhaul, here are 5 new year’s style resolutions that you should try to stick to…

1. Try New Colours

Don’t get stuck with the same old dreary hues; inject a bit of brightness into your spring wardrobe and try your eyewear with a palette of refreshing colours. These Jimmy Choo JC84 prescription glasses are not only a total luxury (swoon) but they come in a striking cherry fuchsia for head-turning vibrancy. Also available in a pretty teal or a bold blue.

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2. Experiment with Shapes

If we’ve learned anything in 2015, it’s that shape is everything. When there was once an option of round or square, there is now a huge selection of different lens shapes to play around with. And if there’s one thing you should do in 2016, it’s experiment with different frames. One extremely popular frame style is the cat eye spectacle – it’s sexy, it’s sultry and it can really complement your face shape. Try these stunning Miu Miu MU 03NV glasses, which come in 3 transparent colours.

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3. Mix Contemporary with Classic  

For those who are nervous about trends, 2016 is all about merging and hybrids. If you want to be fashion-forward but still want to hang onto some classic style rules, the best prescription glasses are the ones with a classic shape/frame but have a few catwalk touches. The perfect hybrids. For instance, the Michael Kors MK8009 PARAMARIBO glasses come in a classic style but feature an on-trend ombre colour gradient.

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4. Play with Patterns

Glasses don’t have to be just one colour and in case you weren’t aware, there are more colours in our range than black or brown. That’s right – it’s time to stop hiding behind those samey specs – if you buy the same black/brown frames each year because you avoid anything too bright, why not opt for an interesting pattern/design to mix things up instead? These Marc Jacobs MMJ 629 frames feature a bold monochromatic stripe and you can look on trend without stepping outside of your colour comfort zone.

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5. Dare to Go Retro

Vintage fashion has been one of the biggest inspirations behind the frames here at Select Specs. The vintage fashion industry is fast-growing and more and more modern day fashionistas are experimenting with styles from the past. Choose cat eye for the 1940s/50s look, round frames for that 70s hippie vibe, or these amazing Jil Sander J2006 frames for a geek chic 60s vibe.

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