Nicole Scherzinger: Sunglass Addict

Artist. Celebrity. Xfactor judge. Fashion icon.

Yeah, you guessed it. Nicole Scherzinger.

The Grammy Award winner is always a joyful and colorful presence for her fans. It might be foolish to underestimate the Hawaiian-born artist in terms of highlife and lifestyle. She’s got a Masters degree in catching the attention of photographers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is easy to dress and mix items when you’re a TV star, but Scherzy is defined by a fine taste for sunglasses and eyewear. If you don’t trust us, then you’re not allowed to miss this article.

Pink Cat-Eye


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Sex-appeal is her second language as she always wears her shoes and dresses with pride and confidence.

Self-confidence is one of her main qualities, as Nicole is an extrovert and this helped her to rock the stage on a daily basis.

For Scherzy, wearing the Cat-Eye sunglasses is a normal day at the office. If you fancy her choice, try the Tiffany&Co TF3050. Meow!


Wayfarers Beachside

Ok, so we know she is sexy, fit and toned. On top of that, the former Pussycat Doll is always in love with the sun.

She was born for the beach and their love is mutual. On top of her special relationship with the sun rays, Nicole loves to shine wearing the proper pair of shades.

You can copy her coolness with the Ray-Ban RB4257 Gatsby II. With nine colors available, this pair will be a must-have for the summer holidays.


 Aviator Lover

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Aviators are always stylish. Especially when you know how and where to wear them.
In this photoshoot, she seems genuine and relaxed while the color of her skin mixes perfectly with the black lenses. ‘
‘All in black” seems to be a passion worth fighting for as the exotic singer is brilliant at wearing dark sunglasses.
We think you might love the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal and the Gun Metal color; a spot-on choice.
For only £87.00, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Black & White

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White looks always nice on a sunny day, so how about some black lenses on top?

There seems no room for error in terms of eyewear as her outfit is complete with a pair similar to the Prada PR 09SS. Cool, stylish and available for every little devil that loves Prada.

How about coolness level 7500 with these sunglasses designed to protect your eyes and make you look like a Grammy winner.


Large Lenses

The feeling when you see a celebrity out on the streets wearing their normal clothes is what makes us all happy.

As they represent role models and fashion icons, Nicole Scherzinger is one of the best examples in terms of being a sunglass queen.

In this case, the off-duty style is accurate as you can copy it with the Jimmy Choo ARA/S sunglasses. Go and grab ’em now!

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