Nike and ZEISS Unveil New Wing Sunglasses


As the Olympic Games in Rio fast approaches, Nike have a new collaboration partner in the form of optical specialist Zeiss.

As part of their drive to launch new products in tandem with leading athletes, Nike has worked together with Zeiss to bring new eyewear for the track and field competitors.

So not only will the track and field stars parade their Latin spirit in front of thousands of onlooking fans, they’ll have some brand new eyewear to boot!

The new sunglasses draw on a number of different elements taken from nature and focuses on the core tendons in the body. Not only does this mean better flexibility but strength and movement has been incorporated into these sensational looking sunglasses.

This has resulted in Nike, ladies and gentlemen, taking on the beast of nature head on with meticulous design to give you the Nike Wing.

Nike and ZEISS Wing Sunglasses:


This single body pair is curved and extends so much that it removes the need for hinges.  On top of this, they have included what is known as a ‘speed crease’ in order to increase the aerodynamic flow when worn.

So how did the nerds at Nike create such a spectacular product? This was all made possible due to a spanking new material mix that needed to be produced.

Taking inspiration from a ground breaking innovation lab, and not to mention with help from optical geniuses ZEISS, they were able to tailor the Wing. But the men in white coats didn’t come about this transformation overnight.

Attention to detail was at the fore of the Nike Wing and took the team nearly two years to achieve the final product. You could say they certainly didn’t wing it.  (Bad pun, we know.)

When delving a little deeper, what we found so unique about the Nike Wing sunglasses besides what’s already been mentioned is the extremely adaptable silicone nosepiece, whilst the back band ensures a tight fit that is moisture free too.


There is also a brow-bar that’s well ventilated, with the advantage providing full airflow, whilst alleviating fogging.

Other highlights of the Nike Wing include its slim appearance and on the sunglasses scale, it actually weighs four grams less then compared to a regular pair of glasses.

This super sporty number also touches your face in fewer places, which is bound to avoid discomfort and rubbing when athletes are performing.  The overall rounding design, the Nike Wing benefits from its very own ‘speed tint’, meaning the surface of the lens does not let in as much light only allowing red light to pass through the lens surface, which is known to have a wealth of calming properties.

Nike Wing is ready to go on August 5th. If you cannot wait that long, then check out our dazzling array of Nike glasses here.

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