Oakley Roundup: The Best High Tech Sports Specs

Oakley Roundup Running Sports Sunglasses Sunset

With the recent release of the much anticipated Oakley Crosslink Trubridge frames, it seemed the perfect time to roundup some of our favourite Oakley glasses and give you the lowdown on each set.

Oakley Crosslink Trubridge

A big new release from Oakley, the crosslink frames take a leap forward in custom fit eyewear, offering four sizes of Trubridge Technology nosepads. These pads ensure a comfortable fit across the nose, which in turn removes pressure from the cheeks and encourages the glasses to sit steady away from the face.

In doing this weight is distributed much more evenly for greater comfort and the lenses are perfectly centred, allowing for optimal vision. Alongside the nosepad technology, the Crosslink MNP offers interchangeable temples to further perfect the fit of these frames and create a deeper lens shape for a sports-luxe look.

The frame of these glasses is made of super lightweight and durable O Matter material which is twenty-five percent lighter and twice as strong as acetate. Oakley have made developments on the new earsock design which further improves durability, making these a really tough set of glasses to take you safely from the gym to work.

If you want to get your hands on a pair of these, visit Oakley OX8090 CROSSLINK MNP (TRUBRIDGE). They’re available in eight different colours, the one pictured here is the beautiful and earthy Polished Rootbeer, or for a more high tech look try them in Satin Grey Smoke.

Oakley Tinfoil (Polarized)

Sportsmen and women will usually recommend a pair of Oakley’s above other brands, because of their superior polarised lenses. Polarised lenses are vital for filtering out glare from snow, water and even hard road surfaces, but with some other brands polarised lenses can come at a cost.

Often lenses are manufactured separately and glued together, compromising the sharpness of vision. Oakley uses HDPolarized Technology and OO Red Iridium to produce one single-layered lens that cuts glare by 99% and is the clearest polarised lens you’re likely to find.

These Tinfoil glasses provide crisp clear vision with Oakley’s Polarized technology and are available in a wide range of prescriptions. As well as incredible clarity of vision, these frames have a sleek, modern design that will see you from your morning workout to your desk in style. They’re available in three different colourways at Oakley OO4083 TINFOIL (Polarized), treat yourself!

Oakley Junkyard

The Junkyard glasses are another example of Oakley’s ability to use pioneering technology to deliver sleek and simple eyewear. These frames fuse together three separate colours of acetate and hidden spring hinges, to give a seamless profile and crisp, bold colour definition along the arms.

Oakley strive to achieve true comfort for the user in their designs and these Junkyard glasses are no exception. They feature a heat adjustable temple with a wire core, so they will mould to your face when warm and feel like they were made especially for you.

The Junkyard frames pictured above provide a square shaped frame with big lenses, whilst the Junkyard II lenses are subtly contoured towards the bottom. Both are available in two beautiful different colours thanks to the individually crafted acetate pieces in the arms.

Oakley Fives Squared

These Fives Squared sunglasses from Oakley boast a seriously sporty wrap around design, making the most of Oakley’s superior Plutonite lenses. Plutonite is Oakley’s trademark lens material, which ensures superior protection against both high-mass and high-velocity impact. Combining this material with a wrap around design ensures your eyes are fully protected from any stray debris, that might get kicked up on the morning run.

As well as being seriously durable, these lenses also offer 100% UV protection and perfect clarity even in your peripheral vision. If it’s not already easy enough to see why these are one of SelectSpecs top selling frames, they also won’t break the bank at just a touch over fifty quid.

If you feel like really pushing the boat out they’re available in a stunning Woodland Camo colourway, that is a little dearer, but you can’t put a price on style, can you! Find these frames at Oakley OO9238 FIVES SQUARED.

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