Top Tips For Online Shopping Made Simple

Online Shopping gives you the world at your fingertips, and nearly anything you can imagine just a click away. But with all those options, the question is, which is best? And can you afford it?

Which websites are trustworthy? Which are a scam? Will it really look like the picture? Will it fit right? Is it Legit? Will they clean me out?

Is there a hidden fee somewhere I don’t know about? Am I going to get spammed for eternity now?

Let’s delve into the world of cyber shopping and see if we can’t answer at least some of these questions.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True It Probably Is

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A designer look a like dress for a fiver? While we all wish these existed, they just don’t. You get what you pay for.

Look for sales and reductions on websites you trust or prepare to be scammed. Ordering your wedding dress from China may be what your cousins’ best friends’ neighbor did, and it worked out fine.

But unless you’ve seen it with your own two eyes, stick with legitimate sites.

If you’ve found a new one, look for Google reviews, ratings, customer pictures (at times they differ largely from product pics), and check if they have social media profiles.

In a nutshell, do your homework.

This also applies to new sellers you haven’t dealt with before on sites like Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Now the violet lovelies below are not only a legitimate purchase, but gorgeous too:

Paypal Is Your Friend

With services like Paypal out there, you have no excuse to be dissatisfied with your online purchases.

Didn’t get what you ordered? PayPal will help you get your money back, just click the resolve a problem option.

Send money securely to sellers of products you want, or use it at checkout for peace of mind regarding the safety of your credit card details.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

As do these stunning turquoise specs (trust us, they aren’t though):

Find Your Local Equivalent As Much As Possible

Using as apposed to for example, can incur extra shipping costs and taxes, so make sure you are using the website designated for your country or region.

It can also be a helpful indicator of the legitimacy of a website, as it falls within your region’s jurisdiction, they can be held accountable more easily.

Also, supporting local brands and businesses helps the economy flourish and is a great way to feel good while spending.

Did you know that Polaroid lenses are made in the UK? Grab a gorgeous green pair below and support local:

Make Sure You See That Lock

This one is simple enough: never enter your details into a website that doesn’t have a little padlock icon in the upper left corner where you type in the address.

This means the site is secure. Another trick is Https instead of Http in the address bar, which also means the website is safe.

Definitely a must when you are buying something as exquisite and cost appropriate as these extravagant sunnies:

Check For Promotions & Coupons

Use websites like My Voucher Codes or Extreme Couponing UK to find out whether the items you’re looking to purchase have any coupons or offers on them.

Just apply the codes at checkout and as easy as that, money saved.

Also check the clearance and sale sections of websites for similar products, and subscribe for exclusive discounts or first time user promotional codes.

You don’t even need a coupon with these beauties, as reasonable as they are cool:

Prepaid Credit Card

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Still worried about your personal details and credit card numbers online? Try gift cards and prepaid internet shopping cards.

Fill with the specific amount of your purchase, to keep your funds safe. Pockit is only one provider.

Most shops now sell gift cards that can also be used for online purchases.

Then buy these classic sunnies, you’re welcome:

Shop At Sites That Seem Legit or You’ve Heard Of

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Certain sites are synonymous with specific products; for a reason.

So, stick to tried and trusted as much as possible, or ask for recommendations from friends.

These Oliver Peoples sunnies are a sure thing:

Shop Around For a Bargain

Check several websites when you have decided on the product you want to buy to find the best price, take shipping costs into consideration too.

Price comparison websites like Kelkoo can come in handy.

You don’t need price comparison to know these babies are a bargain though:

Take Sizing Charts Seriously

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Sizing charts are there for a reason, even if you know your size, can’t hurt to double check right?

Especially with new sites or silhouettes. Even specs have measurements, get out that measuring tape and happy shopping.

Looking for extra tips on how to get more bang for your buck, on and offline? Check out this budget shopping guide for ideas.

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