Oversized Frames: Who Wore It Best?

Oversized glasses and sunglasses are a firm fixture on the fashion scene. Made popular by celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham, the statement frames are a staple of many celebrity and non-celebrity wardrobes.

Ultra-glamorous and always in-style, the frames are a great choice economically and fashion wise.

And oversized sunglasses in particular are perfect for hiding late nights and tired eyes.

Take a look at our round up at who wore the trend best below and get some inspiration for your own pair of oversized frames.


Kim Kardashian West

KKW is regularly seen rocking an oversized frame.

We like the shield sunglasses she was seen sporting in the snow with her daughter, North.


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Want to make like KKW and own a pair of oversized sunglasses?

The Porsche P8479 shades in titanium with grey-blue lens is the perfect choice.

These sunglasses are semi-rimless and come with cool metal studs lining the frame.

The frames are also available in gold with green lens and matte black with brown lens.

 Selena Gomez

Though the pop star wears glasses, she is rarely seen sporting them in a statement way as seen in the picture below.

Selena Gomez rocks vintage inspired round and oversized frames with ease.

Coupled with eyeliner and a sleek appearance, the glasses in the picture below channel a 60s vibe.

Between the liner and the eyewear, Selena’s got a vintage feel going on.

If you’re feeling inspired to pull off a 60s vibe, too, there are a variety of similar spectacles that you can shop.

Want to get Selena’s style?

The Infinity P77333 frames are a great copy of the statement 60s ones she is seen wearing in the picture above.

Available in brown havana or sophisticated black.

Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly wears glasses as well as sunglasses, and is often seen sporting oversized frames.

However, we really like the way she has gone for a 70s look with her oversized sunglasses in the picture below.

Seen here coupling her brown tinted oversized frames with long shaggy, 70s hair and a glamorous jacket and dress. 

We love the look!

😍😍❤️ #keiraknightley

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Want to make like Keira and add some 70s magic to your look?

The Sunset+ 251 frames in gold have the brown tint which makes everything immediately more 70s.

Also available in gunmetal.


Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a huge fan of sunglasses, and is regularly seen sporting a pair.

She also wears glasses, but we love her in a pair of oversized, chic sunglasses.

Now with a gorgeous short hairstyle, Mila will have to think about her style choices and what goes best with her new look.

Mila plays it safe here, but she also injects a bit of fun into her look by opting for a round frame in dark brown.

If Mila’s doing it, sign us up!

She got the chop! 💇🏻 😍 #MilaKunis

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Want to steal Mila’s style?

The Invu B2509 style is a round frame and available  in two choices of either nude or black.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone does oversized in a sophisticated way by opting for Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban offer many oversized frame options.

The brand is a great choice for people who don’t want to go too overstated with the style.

Emma Stone’s vintage look is a popular choice with our readers.

We love her fashion choices!

Want to do oversized in a subtle way?

Then copy Emma’s style as seen in the picture above and go for one of the choices from Ray-Ban.

We love the Ray-Ban RB3539 round oversized frame.

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