Picnic Outfit Ideas

There’s nothing better than a spontaneous picnic on a sunny day. Where I live, there is a big park just around the corner that’s perfect for picnics and soaking up the sun!

Not long ago, my friends and I packed up our bags, rolled up our blankets and ambled over to sit and chat.

There are certain types of patterns that I immediately associate with picnics – gingham, for one. With cute designs and pretty colours, summer clothing is perfect for a nibble in the sun.

Gingham is typically associated with picnics – normally found on tablecloths or blankets. But why not wear it, too?

The pattern is slimming – there isn’t a particular point where attention is drawn to, and when styled with denim like they do above, it can really stand out.

Stick to monochrome colours (so you’re not blending in with the picnic blanket) and accessorize simply: anything too bold would distract away from the pattern.

Get the look here with these cat-eye sunglasses:

Next, don’t forget your floppy hat! If it’s a really sunny day, then this is essential.

Hats frame all kinds of different face shapes – the one above would especially suit more angular faces as its smooth, rounded edges would balance out your look.

As well as this, they’re so versatile. They’d suit almost any kind of outfit, so you’re free to mix and match as you please.

Above, Accessorize pair their hat with a white, off the shoulder dress, flip flops and a wicker bag. This style is perfect for a day at the beach; keeping things casual yet convenient.

Poppy Deyes wears dungarees to her picnic, the cute style apt for the occasion. Beneath them, she chooses a red and white striped T-shirt, fitting with the nautical stripes of the season.

Gold hooped earrings match her rounded sunglasses yet create opposition with the horizontal lines in her outfit.

Rolling up the length of the trousers creates a cropped look, and a pair of white pumps or trainers would look great. To try out her style for yourself, start with these circular framed sunglasses:

Totes to fall in #love with 😍

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Of course, most importantly, you’ll need something to carry all of your food and drinks in.

Oversized bags can often end up looking clunky or out of proportion, but picking something patterned like these Cath Kidston ones will only add to the look, as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Floral designs are summery and pretty, so what better accessory could you take?

We’ve got that (bank holiday) weekend feeling. And the wardrobe to match!

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Layering up your outfit can help cater for those summer breezes. It also means you can add textures and styles to your look while keeping those goose bumps away.

Try a light jacket over a thin cardigan and T-shirt – three different layers means you can stay warm if the sun dips behind the clouds!

The jacket above has earthy tones, meaning it can be paired with all sorts of different patterns and colours.

Wearing something as versatile as this means you have more freedom with the rest of your outfit, while sticking to the colours of the season.


Love the layered look? Learn more here.

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