Plus Size Eyewear Hacks

While eyewear may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of plus size fashion, there are still tips and tricks on how to use your trusty specs to make your face, and by extension, the rest of you, look slimmer.

These tips not only apply to our plus size peeps, who doesn’t want a more slender face?

Read these while munching on your celery sticks (or doghnut, we won’t tell).

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When in doubt, go with angular to bring out the angles as opposed to rounded edges of the face.

Metallic or detailed sunnies will draw the eye creating a focal point away from less flattering features to everybody’s best feature: their eyes.

Pair with a culotte jumpsuit, try Tall sections for a better fit if you are vertically blessed, or just for a bit of extra room.

A slight wedge sandal elongates the leg but is still comfortable.

A choker is a great way to emphasize the neck for a sultry effect.

The whole ensemble is in black, and while other dark colours work just as well, there is something timeless about this go to tone.

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Oversized sunnies with angles for days and eye-catching detail, to balance out a wider face shape, and draw the eye up.

High waisted everything is your friend, as are vertical stripes, and yes you can wear a crop top at any size as long as it is paired with the right silhouette.

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This one is a risky endeavor but can definitely pay off when done right.

Round sunglasses, need to be oversized, and they aren’t for every face shape.

If you have a prominent chin, cheekbones, or are a contour artist (check out the tips below), go for it.

Don’t shy away from fitted dresses in bright colours, the trick here is the right support wear, and maybe some well-placed colour blocking (think Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney circa 2011).

The right accessories go a long way too, a bit of a heel, statement pieces and maybe even a patterned cover up (just in case you want to breathe out for a bit).

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Sometimes simple is the way to go.

Dark wash skinny jeans, Birkenstocks, and a lace-up detail top (which can help slim down your bust), and of course, a beautiful pair of rose coloured octagonal shades, angles everywhere.

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Contour, contour, contour. Enough said.

Choose a cool shade of brown that suits your skin tone.

Don’t go too ashy though, and draw an inverted 3 on either of your face to hit your forehead, below your cheekbones, and below your chin to emphasize and chisel out the angles of your face for a more defined and slender look.

Speaking of definition, these sunglasses have it in spades.

These oversized square beauties will be the focal point of any outfit and will flatter round or wide face shapes beautifully.

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Here is a list of the best accessories you can add to any outfit, plus size or otherwise.

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