Pokemon Go: The Best Sunglasses for Outdoor Gaming


Pokemon Go is the biggest phone gaming phenomenon since Angry Birds and Candy Crush. It’s addictive, incredible geeky, and full of intangible rewards that make us feel like we’ve accomplished something pretty mega.

Plus for anyone who grew up in the 90s, it’s one of the most nostalgic games you will ever play on a mobile device. It’s a craze and a half alright. But there’s one very distinct difference with Pokemon Go. Unlike the other addictive game crazes which have stood before, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality means that it’s getting people of all ages outside.

Instead of being cooped up indoors in your own little world of pixels, this unique augmented reality game gets you exploring the streets of your hometown and takes it to a whole new level of outdoor gaming!

But if you’ve ever tried to game outdoors, you’ll probably know that bright sunlight paired with sunglasses don’t exactly make it easy to see your screen. So for all those Pokemon Go fans out there – or just for anyone who enjoys outdoor gaming – here are some tips to help you select the right sunglasses this summer:

1. Leave Polarised Lenses at Home

Whilst polarised lenses are great for reducing glare and improving visual clarity in bright conditions, they simply do not work well with phone and tablet screens. Because so many modern devices already have their own polarised screens, polarised sunglasses will cancel out these benefits; when your phone and eyewear filters are aligned in opposite directions, it cuts out all the light from your screen so you can’t see anything.

best sunglasses for outdoor gaming pokemon

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If you are experiencing this issue whenever wearing sunglasses, it could be because your lenses are polarised! So leave the polarised sunnies at home and opt for some basic UV filtered lenses instead.

For a bargain price of £10.00, you can get the maximum UV400 protection with these Savannah S8122 unisex sunglasses, which will keep your eyes shielded from the sun’s harmful rays.

2. Trust Your Ray-Bans

A pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators could be your answer when it comes to Pokemon Go and other outdoor gaming. Made for pilots, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are the perfect design of eyewear for getting visual clarity from the bright sky as well as the digital screens and dashboard from inside the aircraft – the ultimate visual compromise!

best sunglasses for pokemon go outdoor gaming

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Most aviator style sunglasses from the Ray-Ban collection do not come with polarised lenses for this exact reason (unless otherwise stated).

Shop the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator sunglasses now and choose green, amber, grey or red lenses to improve vision during harsh daylight conditions.

3. Tilt Your Screen 

If you insist on wearing polarised lenses or you don’t have a spare pair of sunnies, all you need to do is tilt your phone sideways! It seems like an easy enough thing but many people do not know that they can do this.

When wearing polarised sunglasses that align with a polarised digital screen, you will not be able to see the contents of your phone / tablet. But tilt your screen by 90 degrees and in most cases, this should fix the problem!

best sunglasses for outdoor indoor gaming

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For the ultimate convenience outdoors when gaming, go for the Hallmark S9053 prescription glasses which come complete with clip-on polarised lenses. This will give you so much versatility both indoors and outdoors so you can dash around collecting Pokemon anywhere and everywhere!

4. Choose Wraparound Style Shades

For maximum protection from the sun, wraparound styles (made for sport and outdoor activities) make an excellent choice. They are great for gaming as they will shield your eyes on the go, filtering light and UV rays from every angle!

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These Oakley OO9236 VALVE sunglasses are particularly great because they feature a classic brown coloured lens which will work in a number of different lighting conditions.

5. Try Different Lens Colours

Different lens colours work best in different lighting conditions so it could be a good idea to consider what time of day or what time of year you tend to spend your time outdoors the most. If you’re a summer outdoor gamer, green or grey lenses are best for bright conditions or if you’re out in snowy conditions, blue and red lenses are a better option.

best sunglasses for outdoor gaming pokemon go

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For an all rounder, grey lenses tend to do the trick like these POLA by OPAL POAS016 shades, available in 3 different frame colours to suit your style.

Near or longsighted?  See what prescription glasses are best for Pokemon Go and outdoors gaming here!

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